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Training for an Adventure Race Training for an adventure race varies greatly from individual to individual, depending on your current fitness levels and what you want to achieve. However, whether you are going for the prize or ...
Aug 17 2007 10:50am
There are lots of shorter events in adventure racing-- they don't all have to be ... more
Aug 28 2008 8:37am
Basics of adventure racing If you feel you are ready to move beyond the regular exercise routine of walking and jogging to explore something that really gets the adrenaline flowing, then you try testing your physical and me ...
Aug 17 2007 10:47am
Men's adventure weekends We always hear about “girls’ night out”, but there’s a new phenomenon: men’s adventures! Well, maybe it’s as old as history. According to Experience Life magazine, there are new travel programs wher ...
Dec 05 2007 4:58pm
Beyond hunting - there are organizations out there that work with men on issues of positiv ... more
Dec 08 2007 11:43am
So, what exactly is an Adventure race... i've heard of all sorts of different races.. but i don't think i have ever heard of an adventure race... could somebody explain to me what that is? (because it sounds pretty interesting. )
Jun 07 2007 12:09pm
Oudoor adventures I'm always outdoors and think that it makes me get more done.. and feel so fresh and clean
Jun 01 2007 12:47pm
Black Hawk Adventures: Scientist Arrested for Selling Research Data to China -   A former nanotechnology scientist of Sandia National Laboratories pleaded not guilty to federal charges of selling intellectual property and ...
Oct 22 2012 1:46am
Basic Equipment for an Adventure Race The right equipment will go a long way in helping you enjoy the race. You will normally get a list of equipment with each race, but here are a few tips to help you out. 1. Always go in for equ ...
Aug 17 2007 10:49am
Hazard Signs I've been hearing a lot about adventure racing and I have to say, what I hear is a little disturbing to me. Adventure racing is basically a combination of any type of extreme sport (ehhh... maybe that ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Cheryl Tiegs and the great outdoors Cheryl Tiegs is the cover girl now for Experience Life magazine, talking about Sports Travel Adventure Therapy (STAT). She goes on these adventure trips with a small group of women to places like th ...
Oct 01 2007 9:15am
I just read up on STAT, and found out that it's based right in my own backyard, actually-j ... more
Oct 20 2007 6:41pm
Kombucha Cravings During my regular visits to Rainbow Grocery, I often come home with more than one impulse buy, which leads to new favorite food discoveries-kamut cookies, date bars, one of their 50 bazillion varietie ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am