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"Diet" Funnel Cake Have you ever had a cookie turn the bag it’s in translucent because of all the buttery oils, and then called the now-lacking-some-of-its-fat treat “low-fat”? I have, and it a ...
Aug 22 2007 4:49pm
That is such great news! It's so funny to me that so many of our social outings and memori ... more
Aug 23 2007 10:55am
An Antioxidant rich treat- Berry Custard Cake In France, they call this heavenly (and relatively healthy) berry-filled dessert a clafouti. The recipe says to use strawberries, but you can throw in whatever you have on hand: blackberries, blueberr ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Top 5 Easy Ways to Have Healthier Food Got this from Trim Cooking Dieting sucks. There is nothing nice or pleasant to say about it. Nobody can do anything to make it better. It is just accepted that when you diet, you must deprive y ...
Aug 16 2007 10:02pm
Basic Why's and How's of Eating Less Sugar. One good reason to eat less sugar is that your body doesn't need it. But it's not easy to give it up altogether because, well, your body may not need it, but it still wants it. Sugar is also presen ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Maintaining Weight Loss As someone who gains weight merely looking at food, I know the troubles of trying to maintain weight. I was not blessed with a miracle metabolism and I cannot eat whatever I want whenever I want. If ...
Jan 23 2007 6:36pm
... t. you are right losing weight is never that easy, how much more in maintaining it.    ... more
May 15 2010 3:17pm
Being Positive About Dieting Staying on a diet is not easy. I have been going crazy trying to lose the last few pounds. –and it gets very frustrating when you have to deprive yourself of so many things that you love to ...
Oct 18 2007 5:21am
I think where people go wrong is when they try to force themselves into a rigid all-or-not ... more
Oct 21 2007 12:00am
Amy Mac's Halloween Devil's Food Cupcakes with Hazelnut Cream Cheese Icing Ingredients: Devil's Food Cake Mix Eggs or egg substitute Applesauce 1 container whipped Cream Cheese Icing Food Coloring Hazelnut Splenda Flavoring Step 1: Buy a devi ...
Oct 23 2007 4:16pm
They look delicious! Thanks for the great recipe. I have a Halloween party coming up and ... more
Oct 23 2007 6:51pm
De-coding the Glycemic Index We’ve heard that eating foods low on the Glycemic Index helps keep blood sugar stable and our diet healthy. But what does that mean, really? Low GI foods are slowly digested, releasing sugar (glucos ...
Aug 04 2007 8:25pm
Swapping Your Kid's Unhealthy Snacks So your kids are all about the junk food, eh? Handing them a bag of celery and carrots might not be the best solution to fixing unhealthy eating habits at an early age, but you can try faking it ins ...
Aug 06 2007 11:07am
... me yummy healthy recipes like that (that are easy enough for kids to make themselves even? ... more
Aug 23 2007 10:05am
Snack Attack or Binge It’s not uncommon for us to turn to ice cream or chocolate cake after a breakup or a serious trauma at work. On rare occasions. But what if it’s the entire cake, plus cookies, plus chips, plus…I fou ...
Aug 28 2007 10:26am
Your post serves as a reminder to parents to not use food as a punishment, reward or pacif ... more
Aug 28 2007 6:57pm