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Come out for Arthur Ashe Kids' Day!! For those of you in the New York area, bring yourselves and your kids to Arthur Ashe Kids' Day at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Queens tomorrow for a great day of interactive t ...
Aug 24 2007 7:41pm
Healthy Snacks for Kids I’ve put together a list of healthy snack foods – they have each been tested (and yes, approved!) by thousands of kids. Enjoy! Polly-O String Cheese (part skim) • You can never go wrong with low-fat ...
Mar 14 2007 11:30am
Swapping Your Kid's Unhealthy Snacks So your kids are all about the junk food, eh? Handing them a bag of celery and carrots might not be the best solution to fixing unhealthy eating habits at an early age, but you can try faking it ins ...
Aug 06 2007 11:07am
... recipes like that (that are easy enough for kids to make themselves even?) more
Aug 23 2007 10:05am
Carb Day (aka Pig Out Day) Does anyone have a day in the week that they eat whatever they want without considering if it's refined or sugary or fatting? I do have a carb day. Where I eat whatever I want pizza, chips, past ...
Jul 23 2007 4:44pm
Independence Day Does Not Apply to Food! I know, I know... you are excited about the 4th of July. You're telling yourself it's because of the family bonding time, the screaming and popping of the fireworks, but come on people, let's be hones ...
Jul 02 2007 1:29pm
Having a crappy day? The best thing to do is exercise! Probably the last thing you think you want to do. You've just had the worst day, where everything went wrong, and I'm telling you to exercise? But, another study has just come out that shows the ant ...
Jul 02 2007 10:01am
I am on a variety of deadlines and have a full plate of life+ business demands-- some that ... more
Jul 04 2007 7:02pm
Bring food for the day I find that if I pack food for all-day outings I not only eat less, but I have some control over what I eat. Amusement parks and other summer spots with kids are filled with waaaay overpriced junk fo ...
Jul 12 2007 11:37am
Day Planners I really like for things to be neat, but yet I am very unorganized. I have a job and kids and dogs and I volunteer but I just cannot seem to stick to a day else can I manage my schedule
Jun 07 2007 12:51pm
... . Welcome to life! First I prioritize your day and things that have to get done no matte ... more
Oct 30 2007 8:03am
Fasting: Day two Day two was an interesting day. I woke up feeling okay- somewhat light headed but alright. As I rode into the city, I began to feel hungry. Through my workout though, I felt light as if my body had h ...
Mar 14 2007 12:02pm
3-Day Salad -- Super Busy Life Prepare a salad that lasts three days. Keep avocados, cheese, nuts and other potential perishables away. Add them when you dish out your salad as a snack or meal. All in all, I have been doing this f ...
Jul 18 2007 10:21am