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Early Pregnancy Food Cravings - General Discussions

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Junk-food cravings have to go!! Okay, so I get these totally random cravings sometimes for food that kicks my healthy-food diet and exercise to the dust. When I have a craving for something I HAVE TO HAVE IT. I just love food too mu ...
Jul 13 2007 12:05pm
Curbing Cravings? What Really Works Every afternoon right around 4:30 or 5:00, I get the munchies. Well, not really the munchies, but unless I've had a really big or late lunch, I start anticipating dinner which is usually at least a ...
Apr 14 2008 6:47pm
Craving pinapple at 4:00 in the morning So it's 4:12AM here in San Francisco and I can't sleep. I have been eating a diet that consists of about 60% raw foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts) for a few months now, and it is becoming increasingl ...
Jul 29 2007 4:28am
... eping. Also, your body is use to eating raw foods and suddenly eating a veggie burger is ... more
Aug 07 2007 4:28pm
Sleep More and Stop those Cravings Did you know that when women don't get enough sleep, your body releases happy hormones? I know, I know, you're like - How is that possible? When I don't get enough sleep I'm crabby and a big pile of t ...
Jul 18 2007 1:00pm
Beating the Cravings While You Work from Home Being a freelance writer who works from home can be a damper when it comes to eating healthy - because of the fact that food is available everywhere at all times. Particularly at those times when ...
Aug 01 2007 11:33am
I also find myself eating because I'm bored. more
Aug 03 2007 4:41pm
Kombucha Cravings During my regular visits to Rainbow Grocery, I often come home with more than one impulse buy, which leads to new favorite food discoveries-kamut cookies, date bars, one of their 50 bazillion varietie ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
5 ways to Beat a Craving It’s three o’clock and you’re dying to hit the vending machines. What should you do? · Chew sugar free gum- sometimes you just want to chew on something · Try nu ...
Sep 18 2007 2:53pm
I love a handful of nuts in the afternoon, but I have a hard time stopping at just a few. ... more
Oct 25 2007 7:19am
Craving Ice Cream? Try bananas If you're trying to watch your weight and have an ice cream craving, try bananas. I slice them up along with some strawberries and blueberries, then drizzle sugar free chocolate syrup over them. You ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
I have to say I thought this was a lame suggestion, but then coincidentally I had put some ... more
Jun 07 2007 2:28pm
Hershey's Miniatures Cure Chocolate Cravings No matter how disciplined you are, there are going to be times when you just need a chocolate fix. Now you could go all crazy denying your persistent urge, then try to fake yourself out with some sug ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Understanding cravings This article on is pretty enlightening. (Click post title above to read). When I read the part about PMS and cravings it made total sense. I know a bit about serotonin, and the fact that t ...
May 24 2008 6:37pm
Thanks for the great article. Lots of good advice there. more
May 27 2008 5:36pm