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Q: Best excercise bike Looking to replace an old stationary bike (magnetic resistance but even with fresh bateries it is to easy to pedal). How much do I have to spend for something that will last and be effective? ...
Apr 23 2008 12:35pm
If anyone is interested I will keep you updated - see my 'wall.' more
Apr 30 2008 11:23am
checking in I haven't written a blog in a while, but I haven't been doing so hot on my diet. In the whole month of August, I only lost 6 pounds. I know partly its because I have been excercising regularly, but ...
Sep 01 2008 5:20pm
I think it's great that you lost the six pounds. Lots of times when people are stressed ... more
Sep 02 2008 7:31am
Yay, more strength training! I was finally able to get in SEVEN strength training sessions this month! There is a gym at my job. So, I would try out weight lifting and swim laps afterwards. I noticed that the swimming help me g ...
Oct 29 2007 12:09pm
That's dedication... working out when your out of town. That is probably one of the most ... more
Oct 30 2007 9:45am
OCD overload I have been going well on my weight loss success for quite some time now. It took me forever to figure out that weight loss has to be a life program. Most people look at weight loss as something the ...
Sep 19 2007 9:43pm
Week 1 Week 1, Cut back on eating out, drinking soda, and coffee w/ cream and sugar. Excercise comes from short brisk walks. Good for now, ehhh...?
Oct 30 2007 1:00pm
can you be more specific? more
Oct 30 2007 8:59pm
5 ways to keep off holiday pounds Make sure you stay hydrated. Sometimes you'll think you're hungry when you're really just thirsty. Snack on raw veggies while you make that big dinner, party food or holiday treats. It'll ke ...
Nov 24 2007 3:22pm
wrist protection I took a core class yesterday, which is largely based on yoga and pilates principles, hence a lot of planks, etc...any suggestions on wrist pain...does it get better with practice and strength?
Nov 06 2007 8:21am
... ng the degree of flexion, holding Gripitz or dumbells so there is no flexion at all, movin ... more
Oct 22 2008 11:06am
want to take salsa dance classes. A frien and I would love to learn salsa dancing for stress relief and excercise can you recommend a place.
Apr 01 2008 10:32am
Best Exercises for Building a Better Body! A Scientific Approach Best Exercises for Building a Better Body! A Scientific Approach Exercises for Building a Better Body! A Scientific Approach Your main goal for building a better body is to look and f ...
Aug 05 2008 8:20am
is it a miracle? am i possibly finally pregnant my period isnt for another 7 days, but my ovulation day was jan. 31st. i had sex with my fiance on the 25th, 29th, and the 2nd of feb. i have been very very gassy lately, tired alot!, i have a stret ...
Feb 06 2013 4:22pm