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Different Types Of Dance - General Discussions

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Dancing at my club A very large part of our cardio workouts involves different types of dance. One of the absolute favs is Belly Dancing. We have a schedule created and would be happy to send it to you, just let us ...
Oct 19 2007 11:21am
Women - You Don't Need to Be "Sexy" When You Dance Why are we women obsessed about looking and feeling "sexy"? When we say we are doing sexy dancing not for men but for ourselves, we're kidding ourselves. We're still doing it because we've bought in ...
Sep 21 2007 6:42pm
... ation from my husband, who may not be a good dancer, but just- a dancer. He loves to get ... more
Oct 15 2007 2:52am
Help.... I would like all info. possible on what your studio offers. Types of dances,which is best exercise for a woman of my age(40-41),ect.
Feb 04 2008 8:04am
The Silver Feet Dance Academy offers Dance Innovations, Class ... more
Feb 18 2008 12:14pm
do you guys teach begginers classed my daughter is very intrested in learning all types of dance. I thought that she could learn over the summer and since she is a begginger i just want t o her to take it slow but also have fun at the s ...
Jun 03 2008 2:40pm
Fellow Dance Team Dancers - I'd love to hear how you keep a dance routine! Dance was my first love. I still find it a profound art form, even thought I don't practice it anymore. I want to get it back into my life with a regular routine. Since I don't have much time to go ...
Nov 26 2008 12:45pm
... ncing or exercising at home, alone. For most dancers the focus is always on taking class, ... more
Jan 27 2009 8:17pm
Contra dancing One of the best and most fun workouts you can get dancing is from contra dancing. Many people have never heard of this, but it is an old American dance style from New England, originally from Engla ...
Jan 17 2008 1:15pm
what kind of dance do you teach And how much are dance lessons
Jun 10 2008 10:59am
what kind of dance do you teach and how much is it for classes
Jun 10 2008 10:54am
Dance Dance Revolution Who ever thought a night out on the town with the girls can actually be good for you? Dancing is a great way to have fun, reduce stress, and get a good workout! Remember the Dance Dance Revoluti ...
Oct 22 2007 3:32pm
The Kid's Club at Natomas Racquet Club offers this for the older kids, seven and up. It lo ... more
Nov 05 2007 9:30am