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Difference Between Binge Eating And Compulsive Overeating - General Discussions

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Sadness and Binge Eating According to researchers, the urge to binge-eat is definitely tied to emotional turmoil and depression. If you find yourself turning to food after a traumatic experience, like a breakup or the loss of ...
Jul 27 2007 2:55pm
Great info -thank you.  Reserach also shows adding a fish oil supplement (rich in Omega- ... more
Sep 18 2009 8:10am
binge eating Do you have any advice for binge eaters? I am about 30 pounds overweight and I know that it is due to binge eating that I do when I have had a bad day or when I am lonley and bored.
Aug 09 2007 6:12pm
EFT ("Emotional Freedom Technique") is a form of acupressure that you can perform on yours ... more
Aug 29 2007 1:58pm
Line between overeating and binge disorder is a thin one For Natalie, it started in high school. She had always been a hearty eater, but increasingly, when life got stressful, she turned to food for comfort. At first it was relatively harmless, she says, b ...
Mar 07 2007 11:13am
dance lessons for the over-50 crowd Hi - Anyone have suggestions on a place to take dance lessons inthe San Jose area for the over 50 crowd. We have no children so that makes a difference in many ways.
Dec 21 2007 3:13pm
Snack Attack or Binge It’s not uncommon for us to turn to ice cream or chocolate cake after a breakup or a serious trauma at work. On rare occasions. But what if it’s the entire cake, plus cookies, plus chips, plus…I fou ...
Aug 28 2007 10:26am
... celebrate or deal with disappointment is by eating. Just think of how much better prepar ... more
Aug 28 2007 6:57pm
Research shows Almost everyone has binged- here tips to control i Earlier this year, ground-breaking research out of Harvard University affiliated McLean Psychiatric Hospital showed that Binge Eating Disorder, or BED, is America's most common eating disorder. Accord ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... rn to relax it goes a long way toward ending binge eating. It's now almost a cliche for a ... more
Jun 07 2007 2:39pm
Gay men seen prone to have eating disorders Gay and bisexual men may be at far higher risk for eating disorders than heterosexual men, while women seem to be equally affected regardless of their sexual orientation, a new study suggests. Resear ...
Apr 17 2007 10:48am
Damage Control for Bad Eating Sure, it's easy to slip up when it comes to diets or even that intangible promise we make to ourselves to "start eating better." Having that extra dessert, splurging on cocktails at happy hour, an ...
Jul 27 2007 12:16pm
Eating while injured Having a regular running routine is great. One feels energized, weight is at an appropriate level, and one has a little more latitude when it comes to diet. However, when one is injured (as I am cur ...
Feb 06 2007 8:17am
Intuitive Eating For everyone struggling with chronic dieting, I urge you to consider the "intuitive eating" concept. I'm currently writing my Masters thesis on this topic. Two dietitians, Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Re ...
Mar 25 2008 6:37pm
Thanks guys alot of good reads.   ------------------------------------------------ ... more
Nov 08 2009 4:28am