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Diet Soda Vs Regular Soda - General Discussions

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Diet Soda Just as Bad as the Real Thing Diet pop is linked to the same health problems as regular pop, according to a new study. Researchers from Boston University studied data from more than 6,000 middle-aged adults participating in the ...
Aug 04 2007 8:26pm
NO NO TO SODAS I have recently become very interesting in having a healthier body and learn about the prevention of disease.  I have been a moderate drinker of diet pepsi or diet coke.  Using the diet drinks think ...
Nov 03 2008 4:56pm
Giving Up Soda The Saga of Me and my Diet Coke Posted Aug 12 09 10:35pm  Having read in several different MS publications that aspertame is not a good thing for people with CNS problems suc ...
Aug 18 2009 10:21am
... proud of myelf when I gave up caffeine (i.e. Diet Coke) and switched to Diet Root Beer. W ... more
Oct 19 2010 11:04am
Pitfalls of Diet Soda So you’ve replaced your carbonated drinks with nifty diet versions, you’re eating your daily dose of greens and proteins, and you’re back on track with that New Year’s resolution to hit the gym four ...
Aug 06 2007 9:27am
If You Drink Soda (Even Diet) Your Teeth May Suffer It's common knowledge that certain foods, such as sweets and sodas, can hasten tooth enamel erosion, not to mention that colas can stain your teeth. Now a recent study has found that all carbonated d ...
Jul 13 2007 3:53pm
Changing Your Diet...for Good Making a commitment to a healthy diet is challenging at best. Here are some tips for integrating healthy food choices into your diet and keeping them there…for good. Find the strong points and weak p ...
Sep 11 2007 3:58am
... happy when you are not commited to a healthy diet and are eating loads of processed food a ... more
Dec 04 2007 6:00am
Soft drinks associated with diabetes, report finds A review of published studies shows a clear and consistent relationship between drinking sugary (non-diet) soft drinks and poor nutrition, increased risk for obesity -- and increased risk for diabetes ...
Mar 13 2007 12:20pm
... on1 {page:Section1;} --> The Lemonade Diet Cleansing Direction     more
Feb 12 2009 4:30am
The Freshman 15 Avoided Cornell University researchers recently confirmed what many of us have long suspected (or anecdotally observed): many freshmen do gain weight during their first year at college. The average weight g ...
Jul 28 2007 6:24pm
Makers of Sodas Try a New Pitch: They’re Healthy That may strike some as an oxymoron. But for Coca-Cola and PepsiCo, it’s a marketing opportunity. In coming months, both companies will introduce new carbonated drinks that are fortified with vitamin ...
Mar 09 2007 11:45am
Soda substitute Are you a soda-holic? I was. Diet coke was my thing. Then, I switch to a healthier alternative...flavored water. Safeway sells flavored sparkling waters. I've tried other brands, and I don't like ...
Jul 12 2007 8:43am