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Food poisoning and dehydration This weekend I got food poisoning and was down all Saturday and Sunday. It felt like I had the flu - my body was sore and I was very weak from losing all my nutrients. The pharmacist suggested taki ...
Feb 04 2008 10:00am
I am sorry you felt bad! Pedialyte is probably a cheaper version of the anti-nausea medi ... more
Feb 14 2008 9:23pm
Elderly caregiving I have turned caregiver very recently when my wife's mother moved in with us. She just turned 79 and has been battling type 2 diabetes for more than 20 years. She is a fiercely independent and lovel ...
Jul 28 2009 5:04am
Seoul To Have Just Two Workers to Support One Elderly Person By 2039 - Springhill Care Group An average of two Seoul citizens would have to work to support one ...
Oct 04 2012 6:22am
Caffeine May Reduce Memory Decline Among Elderly A new French study has found that coffee might be good not just for a morning fix but for preserving the memory and cognitive skills of older women. The study, which observed more than 7,000 elderly ...
Aug 13 2007 5:59pm
Outdoors for elderly My boyfriend's parents were in town recently. They are older and can't do a whole lot, but they love to be outdoors. We took them to the Morcom Rose Garden in Oakland. It is a pretty spectacular pl ...
Jun 30 2007 11:07am
Suggestions for sleep aid/devices for elderly man w/PD? Our close friend has severe PD and his wife asked for help locating something to help prevent his neck/chin from dropping while he sleeps. Any suggestions for devices would be most welcome. She though ...
Feb 05 2010 1:45am
Felabration, cheap beats by dre,cheap dre beats as the concert series is known, began with ... more
Oct 23 2012 6:46am
Salty coffee If coffee dehydrates and salt makes you retain water, do they balance each other out if you have a salty diet and drink a lot of coffee? How does coffee dehydrate you if it's a liquid? Does it go thr ...
Jun 01 2007 12:49pm
... f your question I am going to take on is the dehydration and (some) health benefits. Many ... more
Jun 21 2007 4:41pm
If You Say "Ewww!" We all have been learning that green juices and smoothies are so good for you - all those veggies and herbs blended and liquefied into a glassful of nutrients. But for some of us, all we can say is, ? ...
Jul 17 2007 7:31pm
I hate to be Debbie Downer (has anyone seen that SNL skit? My boyfriend is a huge fan) but ... more
Jul 18 2007 12:49pm
Pre-natal vitamins For awhile, I was taking pre-natal vitamins (was not pregnant) to encourage my hair to grow. And I tell you what, it worked! My hair grew like a weed and I was so excited, because it was the first tim ...
Jul 11 2007 9:22am
Vitamin B is actually eight different water soluble vitamins that create the B-Complex ... more
Mar 04 2013 10:48am
Pyloric Stenosis Information Pyloric stenosis is a condition in which a baby's pylorus gradually swells and thickens, which interferes with food entering the intestine. The pylorus is the connection between the stomach and the ...
Aug 12 2009 9:41am