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Favourite Yoga Artist. Name yours! I was thinking about yoga music and thought I might start a list of favourite tunes to do yoga to. I like Krishna Das, an artist I was introduced to by a yoga teacher. I especially like his voic ...
Feb 08 2008 8:10am
deva premal is a favorite with my students. But I use a lot of mixed music. There is a CD ... more
Feb 08 2008 10:00am
Most relaxing song, album or artist? Do you have a particular song, album or artist that you return to again to help you relax? One that, every time you return there, you know you will start to unwind and relax? Me - i love the albu ...
Apr 07 2010 3:58am
Eating issues and a deaf child My daughter is 3 years old and since she started eating even baby food I have had issues with her.  It is usually a fight to get her to eat.  We have periods of where she won't give me any problems.  ...
May 12 2010 6:31am
... s a need to make any changes in her diet. Deaf mother of a Deaf child more
Jan 20 2011 7:49pm
Venture Capital Veteran Launches Motivational Music Label 'SkinnySongs' From Reuters... Heidi Roizen Develops Fun, Empowering, Radio-Quality Pop Music for Women Who Want to Lose Weight and Get in Shape WOODSIDE, Calif.--(Business Wire)--What do great music and los ...
Dec 31 2007 12:28pm
Well, the New York Times just said that pop songs like these are the best for working ou ... more
Jan 15 2008 8:03am
Attn: All yoga teachers Are you looking for some new music to help engage newcomers to your classes? I found this cd by Mantra Mom that combines Hip-Hop, Bollywood and new age music beautifully to ancient Sanskrit mantras . ...
Oct 31 2008 12:27pm
Hey guys, i just went on to that site and saw that there is FREE SHIPPING on there now..Im ... more
Nov 07 2008 3:05pm
A Sign Of Memory Loss The Lyme Times Volume 29 By Virginia T. Sherr, MD The sign display artist and business owner had sought psychiatric help for increasing pan ...
Jul 09 2008 6:09pm
Most of us feared memory loss. We think of it as worse than any other illnesses out ther ... more
May 29 2009 1:19am
Jump To It! It's happened to us all. You leave work and speed to the gym. You've got to be home by six o'clock. You switch into your gym clothes so fast you could be a quick change artist. You practically ru ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Tips for a Successful Fast Fasting can help a number of conditions, including bronchitis, constipation, hypertension, asthma, epilepsy, fatigue, and many more. The trouble is that it can be extremely difficult to stick to yo ...
Aug 27 2007 5:43am
You can look like a bad-ass being good! I have just discovered Ed Hardy shoes ( ). They are made by a French designer who uses one of the great tattoo artist's creations to decorate many items, including shoes for men a ...
Sep 17 2007 10:10pm
Experience East-West fusion music and help American youth GLOBAL CONVERSATION A musical extravaganza featuring George Brooks and Kala Ramnath, two very well known artists in the East-West fusion music circle - a combination of Western Jazz and Hindust ...
Sep 28 2007 9:10pm
Too bad I missed it. How was the concert? Is Art of Living organizing something similar a ... more
Nov 18 2007 9:32pm