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looking for runners and walkers   Event contact: Sparky George, President Hats Off America , (925) 855-1950 Sparky’s number, event day (925) 783-2088   15 th Hats OffAmericaRed T-Shirt 10K Run/5K Run or Walk April 4 ...
Feb 13 2009 9:02am
Keeping it safe There is a walking path near my house, but I’m amazed that none of the local walkers will use it – they like to be smack dab in the middle of the street. And this is at night, too! I see that some ...
Feb 13 2008 9:29am
Get Fit, Get a Dog I hate exercising. Does anyone really actually enjoy it? I suppose some do, but outside of dance class, I have never really been able to get into it. That was, of course, until Scarlett joined our f ...
Dec 28 2007 4:03pm
My dogs get me moving everyday. more
Feb 02 2009 6:16am
Icing down the Summer Summer is nigh and the hot days just keep coming. Okay, I know it's the Bay and "hot" is a relative term, but still, a guarantee you I will wish I had air-conditioning at least once a month. On thes ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Weekend warriors: Avoid injury from walking, hiking, running Temple University podiatrist Dr. Howard Palamarchuk advises walkers not to ignore foot and ankle pain. Dr. Palamarchuk offers tips for avoiding foot, ACL, head and sun-related injuries in an interview ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Definitely, it is important to have the right shoe. I suggest going to an athletic special ... more
Dec 14 2007 10:05am
Aging Gracefully Many supplements are touted as anti-aging aids and supposedly raise levels of hormones that are thought to decline with age. These may or may not be effective, and may have considerable side effects. ...
Sep 11 2007 3:50am
... couple of years ago she was very active as a walker. At age 86, she and my wife went to It ... more
Dec 12 2008 9:32pm
Step Out on the 4th For those of you who have wanted to do a walk-a-thon or run but have been waiting to get started, there's no time like the present. The 4th of July typically has many events to celebrate the holiday, ...
Jul 02 2007 1:53pm
Absolutely, great advice to step out on the 4th. Better yet, add some John Phillip Sousa ... more
Jul 05 2007 3:11pm
Music you should walk to! The New York Times just came out with an article about the science behind exercise music. Apparently, the music a casual stroller going 3 mph should listen to is between 115 and 118 beats per minute ...
Jan 11 2008 10:31am
I found this website called Success Songs which are motivational with empowering lyrics. ... more
Aug 16 2008 7:07pm
Walking Several years ago I walked the Honolulu Marathon. I wanted to be fit, and knew this would force me to walk every day plus the longer training sessions on Saturday with the team. I was proud that I a ...
Jan 13 2008 12:52pm
Hi everyone, I'm conducting a research about exercising and nordic walking in US and wo ... more
Mar 05 2009 4:13am
flakey pedometer from the Cardinal Walk I participated in the Cardinal Walk a couple of weeks ago and received a BeWell Walkers pedometer. Unfortunately, the pedometer is not reliable as the buttons usually do not work. Can I get a repl ...
Jun 13 2008 1:57pm
<strong><a href="">thomas sabo armbänder</a></strong> ... more
Jul 13 2010 7:38pm