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Welcome Pros! Why keep all of that knowledge a secret? Isn't it great to visit with other pros about all those little things? This is a place to ask professional questions and get some opinions from others in the ...
Sep 04 2007 1:32pm
... essionals all together in a group! As I see pros around the site, I will send them a mess ... more
Oct 30 2007 2:59pm
Pro tennis inspiration for rec tennis players As the US Open comes to a close with its final two days and exciting finals, why not take a cue from the pros themselves and start hitting the courts yourself? The United States Tennis Association (US ...
Sep 07 2007 6:52pm
Parents in the Dark about Pro-Eating Disorder Websites In this day and age, you’d think more people would be responsible about the kind of information they disperse about eating disorders. However, according to experts, there are tons of pro-eating disord ...
Aug 15 2007 3:00pm
Pro-Anorexia websites Have you heard of pro-ana websites? Have you visited them? Do you know people who have? My colleagues and I are very concerned about their impact on weight loss communities, and on young women. Wha ...
Feb 15 2008 5:39pm
UGH! Stupid typos! This is what I get for being in a hurry. I'm done now. :) more
Oct 26 2008 1:36pm
pro form treadmill I wish I were flush and also, had no downstairs neighbor! I am seeing on HSN not the ProFormiFit Audio Trainer Treadmill with a SD weight loss card. It has many workouts built in, along with an iPod ...
Jan 17 2008 7:48pm
Pro tennis I've been watching some of the tennis tournies on tv and I have to say, it's so interesting to see these players become star athletes. Some of them get so angry - Federer, ie. - but he's really lear ...
Sep 03 2007 7:04pm
Grunting in tennis has certainly been a major point of concentration among tennis fans, jo ... more
Sep 04 2007 2:03pm
Pro advice on getting organized In Baltimore Smart Woman magazine, the owner of Clutter Busters gives insider insight as to getting it all together, neatly. She usually takes 15-20 hours to organize people’s… junque. And, she tell ...
Jan 18 2008 10:16am
Reducing the amount of snail mail you get makes a HUUUUGE difference! I am so grateful for ... more
Jan 25 2008 11:14am
Cycling Websites Fabulous websites!!!
Jan 25 2007 1:02pm
SoulCycle: How Spinning Got its Groove Back Spinning classes are notorious for several reasons. First, they provide a high-energy and efficient cardio work-out which is kind to the joints. Secondly, they are not for the faint of heart. The ...
Jun 20 2007 12:01pm
cycle and lose weight I've been cycling to work since mid April and have increased my consumption of fruits and vegetables and I've lost 24 lbs.
Jul 02 2007 1:17pm
Congratulations! I hope I can pull this off too! more
Jul 11 2008 9:54am