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Macronutrients: A Balanced Approach is Healthiest Now that you know your BMI and understand the need to control calorie intake to maintain a healthy weight, let's discuss what makes up the foods we eat and which foods contribute to a healthy diet. A ...
Mar 27 2007 10:39am
China(Guangzhou) Health and Massage Equipment Exhibition(CHME 2010) build your healthy life The 3 rd China(Guangzhou) Health and Massage Equipment Exhibition(CHME 2010 )Date:Mar,30-Apr,1,2010 Venue:China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex Sponsored by:    Pr omotion Associatio ...
Sep 09 2009 1:44am
Get new shoes! I learned this the hard way, but apparently you're supposed to get new running shoes every 500 miles or so. I've been using the same shoes for a few years and my legs and have been hurting lately whe ...
Jun 01 2007 11:31pm
We all need to save money for our shoes. There are three kinds of shoes (neutral, stabil ... more
Dec 13 2009 9:14pm
Make time to meditate Much has been written about the benefits of a daily, or at least consistent, meditation practice. Yet somehow, it always seems like the hardest thing to fit into my day. Why when something can be so ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
I've been practicing yoga very regularly the last several months and it definitely makes a ... more
Jun 07 2007 6:50pm
Meditate in a Group If you are having problems meditating by yourself, then try meditating in a group. The group is beneficial in a number of ways: 1. It forces you to sit still and be quiet if just due to peer pre ...
Sep 10 2007 11:58am
I actually had the pleasure of meditating in a group once. That was the first and only t ... more
May 03 2009 8:32pm
Diet Myths • Skipping a meal is a good way to cut calories: Skipping a meal lowers your metabolism to compensate, plus leaves you insanely hungry with plenty of potential to gorge at your next meal. ...
Jan 24 2007 11:05am
The quick and dirty shoe test! So, what you often hear is that your running shoes are good for 300-500 miles. But, how many actually log their miles? I'd venture to guess not many(present company included). One trick I learned eo ...
Jan 30 2007 10:09am
You're not alone! Orthotics 'can' help, but it doesn't mean that EVERYONE needs them and t ... more
Feb 19 2007 6:11pm
Use some of your cash and get some quality shoes! A lot of people will look at athletic shoes for sale and perhaps gawk at the price. True, quality shoes comes with a hefty price tag. But, if you're serious about putting quality time into running o ...
Jun 21 2007 10:01am
Squat in the Pool If you want to strengthen the muscles around your knees, while protecting your knees at the same time, try doing sets of squats in the pool. Water provides a protective cushion while countering the ef ...
Jun 25 2007 10:54am
Tips on Avoiding Shin Splints If you're new to running or even a fast walking workout, the first place you'll feel the burn might be your shins. Sharp, shooting pain down the front of your legs after you run is known as shin spli ...
Jul 14 2007 2:26pm