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Watch Leicester C. vs Huddersfield T Live The FA Cup Soccer Welcome to Watch The FA Cup Football Leicester C. vs Huddersfield T Live Stream. Don’t miss to watch Leicester C. vs Huddersfield T live exciting The FA Cup match streaming live online. Here you ...
Feb 12 2013 5:58pm
Massage Cupping for Total Wellness Next time you’re in the mood for a new spa experience, consider trying massage cupping therapy, which is a twist on the ancient healing modality of cupping therapy. The way it works: cupping creates s ...
Aug 21 2007 10:18am
World Cup Indoor Soccer Tournament-Friday, November 2 Have you heard that the first World Cup Indoor Soccer Tournament at Stanford is being held on first November 2? Go to and hit Intamural Sports to get the details.
Oct 18 2007 5:43pm
Latvia wins 2nd straight World Cup race in Bobsled Source: KDKA From Latvia myself, I was happy to hear "Janis Minins drove Latvia to a second straight World Cup victory in the four-man bobsled Sunday, with the U.S. team finishing sixth. His ...
Jan 28 2008 1:40pm
Congratulations to your home team Ivars! more
Jan 28 2008 6:27pm
Just My Cup of Tea We all know that tea is very, very good for you, but it's not exactly flavorful. If you're like me and want a tea that packs a bit more punch, Treleela organic teas are just the ticket. Grown in the ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
And Chicago is the best place for drinking tea because it is always so stinking cold! I te ... more
Jun 22 2007 12:43pm
The many modalities of Chinese medicine If you think Chinese medicine is just acupuncture and Chinese herbs, think again. There are many different kinds of treatments that traditional Chinese medicine uses to address various disorders. ...
Apr 27 2008 8:10pm
Caffeine May Reduce Memory Decline Among Elderly A new French study has found that coffee might be good not just for a morning fix but for preserving the memory and cognitive skills of older women. The study, which observed more than 7,000 elderly ...
Aug 13 2007 5:59pm
Tips for reducing caffeine intake So, I love to sip on coffee throughout my work day. I keep a mug on my desk all the time. It helps keep me motivated to get paperwork done. I realized that the amount of caffeine I was ingesting was ...
May 19 2007 12:58pm
Fat Free Vegetarian Meal I made this meal last night and found it to be very flavorful, and healthy. I served it over white rice. It's a version of a recipe found in Moosewood Cookbook. TAMARIND CHICK PEAS Ingre ...
Oct 26 2007 8:42am
Yeah, I am also fond of beans,in general. It seems like a good recipe. Thanks for sharin ... more
Nov 04 2007 9:06pm
Yummmmy and seasonal I made this pumpkin soup last night to use up leftover halloween pumpkins. I found the recipe on, then substituted vegetable broth for the chicken broth to make it vegetarian. It wa ...
Nov 09 2007 8:05am
I worked for Epicurious once on their cable show. I recently went to the site looking fo ... more
Nov 21 2007 10:04pm