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Controlling Asperger S Self Talk - General Discussions

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Looking for Friends with Aspergers I am a Female with Autism the Aspergers kind I have some questions my questions are: 1. Is there any Parents that know about Adult Aspergers Autism that can would like to know one of my parents and ...
Jun 05 2010 5:54pm
... om philippines mother of one child who has a aspergers adhd. he's now 7yrs old doing great ... more
Jan 26 2011 12:20pm
Health issues we prefer not to talk about According to a recent article I read on WebMD, there are millions of women who don't want to talk about bodily conditions and issues that are considered shameful or embarrassing--this includes stuff ...
Apr 27 2008 7:16pm
Talk the stress away! A recent report by brain researchers says that there is a medical explanation for why we feel better about talking to somebody about a problem. According to them, talking about what is making us feel ...
Jun 24 2007 11:53pm
I just need to talk. Okay.  Where do I start?  Sigh. I am an addict.  Prescription pain medication is my Achilles heel.   I took pain medication, that was prescribed to me, for 7 to 8 years.  I never stole medicat ...
Sep 02 2009 11:06am
Addiction is a crazy disease,and like they say,it is a p ... more
Nov 23 2012 7:08am
tough talk money On tv, whenever there’s a difficult announcement to make, the character always says, “I think you’d better sit down.” I think instead, it might be better (unless the person is the elderly, frail typ ...
Jan 08 2008 10:27am
Love to Play, Not to Talk I have to rant for a minute and maybe, hopefully, someone can give me some advice. I love to play tennis but I'm really not that good. I'm say, medium to medium-low. The problem is, I want to play mo ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Thanks, that is good advice. There is something to ... more
Jun 15 2007 10:42am
Tara Reid talks about her lipo There was a pic of Tara Reid in OK magazine this month and she looked really good. I don't know if anyone else saw those photos where she'd gotten the botched liposuction. She admitted to OK that sh ...
Jul 31 2007 10:55pm
Jan 15 2008 8:24pm
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and information a ... more
Dec 31 2009 9:54pm
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Nov 11 2012 5:08am
Let's Talk About Jock Itch If you have jock itch and want to clear it up naturally, here are the top three ways. 1. Thyme. Steep a cotton ball in thyme tea and put it on the area that is infected. The reason this works is becau ...
Jul 20 2007 12:14pm