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Being Sick Can Give You Time to Relax Having the flu isn't generally a walk in the park, but here are some ways I've found being sick can offer plenty of opportunities to relax and recuperate from stressful times: 1) You can get lots ...
Nov 26 2007 10:10pm
Yoga and Food In yogic tradition, food is split up into three different categories that explain their essence and effect on your body and mind: Sattvic, Rajasic, and Tamasic. Sattvic foods are considered th ...
Feb 27 2008 2:01pm
Great post and good information-Food is split up into three different categories that ex ... more
Nov 22 2013 7:00pm
Ritual and Training Ritual is a mechanism that can enhance your personal training. A proper ritual dedicated to preparing you to work out should engage you on multiple levels -- physical, mental, emotional and spiritua ...
Apr 13 2007 1:53pm
Negative thoughts...those stealthy little buggers A little scenario: You're perfectly happy and going about your business, maybe even delightfully surprised by the realization that you're all right and all's well with the world. Suddenly, in the mi ...
May 16 2008 3:47pm
Musical Hallucinations: Strike Out The Band - Please! The Lyme Times Volume 34 By Virginia T. Sherr, M.D. Miriam's feminine skills and unfailing sensual radar led to glorious friendships. She ...
Jul 09 2008 6:08pm
Battling with bulimia An eating disorder like bulimia can affect anyone of any age and sex What is bulimia? ...
Aug 22 2008 6:28pm
I never quite understood the difference between bulimia and anorexia. This latter disorder ... more
Mar 04 2011 11:17am
When to Suspect Lyme The most useful diagnostic reference: the “Bible” of Lyme medical literature. by John Bleiweiss, MD. The When To Suspect Lyme Disease essay: This essay, written by John D. Bleiweiss, ...
Jul 08 2008 6:37pm
"Bell's Palsy of the Gut" and Other GI Manifestations of Lyme and Associated Diseases PRACTICAL GASTROENTEROLOGY April 2006 by Virginia T. Sherr, MD Bell's palsy signifies paralysis of facial muscles related to inflammation of the associated seventh Cr ...
Jul 08 2008 6:40pm
Eat More Often to Lose Weight If you've been dieting and have reached a plateau, try eating five or six mini meals a day. This will help jump start your metabolism because you will be fueling your body more evenly. Make sure you ...
Jul 17 2007 1:05pm
k so ive done this before and what you need to do is go to a nutritionist to figure out wh ... more
Jul 26 2007 12:18am
BookCrossing: A Good Way to Let Go of Books Hoarding books was a bugaboo of mine for many years until I found BookCrossing. BookCrossing is a website where you register your book and then "set it free" into the "wild" (the world) and then the ...
Nov 25 2007 7:45pm
I used to use the library a lot but I have been accumulating more and more books lately. ... more
Nov 29 2007 7:00pm