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Newly Diagnosed. So I've been battling with these digestive issues since March, when I was diagnosed after a CT Scan with Diverticulitis.  Heavy antibiotics quickly got that under control.  Did a follow-up colonosco ...
Oct 05 2011 2:15pm
My suggestion is to start reading some Kris Carr...the Crazy Sexy Life Diet...and learni ... more
Nov 01 2011 1:06am
The Positive (Not Too Serious) Side of Being Sick I write a weekly newspaper column that is syndicated in several papers in northern California. Since you might not get to read it, I am sharing it here. I hope you enjoy. === Not all is rosy ...
Apr 02 2008 6:52pm
versed/fentanyl During my recent colonoscopy, I was give Versed/Fentanyl.  However, there was no perceivable sedation and I felt every bit of the probe and the 2 angles it makes!!  Don't know what happened, but I wil ...
Aug 26 2010 6:07am
"Bell's Palsy of the Gut" and Other GI Manifestations of Lyme and Associated Diseases PRACTICAL GASTROENTEROLOGY April 2006 by Virginia T. Sherr, MD Bell's palsy signifies paralysis of facial muscles related to inflammation of the associated seventh Cr ...
Jul 08 2008 6:40pm
Check out bootcamp videos You know, sometimes a person needs to be pushed to take exercise to the next level and that’s the basic tenet of any bootcamp. I’m not advocating one business over another, but like C.L.R. below, I ha ...
Sep 25 2007 5:17pm
Video on digestive help and it seems informative! Fox News Story on Lactagen Hey everyone! I found this video on digestive health and it seems really helpful! Enjoy!
Jun 09 2009 3:56pm
No problem, hope you enjoyed. My friend tried the product and said it worked miracles for ... more
Jul 14 2009 11:51am
Push hands videos Anyone have any good suggestions for Push Hands exercise videos?  Seems like a good activity for me and 10 year old to do from the limited amount on the video I currently have.  Looking for a video wi ...
Oct 04 2009 7:10pm
Thanks!  Didn't even think about utube! more
Oct 11 2009 3:54pm
Remarkable Before and After Video- Autism Recovery Was sent this below, wanted to share. Inspiring! The Autism Treatment Center of America is thrilled to support Autism Awareness month. To commemorate the event, they share this remarkable bef ...
Apr 13 2010 12:00pm
Tips for Running a 5k Video Did anyone see the PBS OVA special last night in which they took 13 people who were very sedentary and within a year 12 of them ran a marathon? Granted they ran it very slowly but they were able to ...
Nov 01 2007 12:06am
Also in the running news was a terrible report about Olympic marathon runner, Ryan Shay, u ... more
Nov 03 2007 11:25am
Video Contest for Ping Pong This looks so fun, if there are any filmmakers/ping pong lovers out there. There's a contest to create a spot with Butterfinger and ping pong themes to help promote the new Ping Pong movie that's comi ...
Jul 11 2007 11:13am