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China(Guangzhou) Health and Massage Equipment Exhibition(CHME 2010) build your healthy life The 3 rd China(Guangzhou) Health and Massage Equipment Exhibition(CHME 2010 )Date:Mar,30-Apr,1,2010 Venue:China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex Sponsored by:    Pr omotion Associatio ...
Sep 09 2009 1:44am
Cold weather is to me what an oven must be to a paddle pop... I tend to prefer to emphasise the things that help, but after a pretty rough day, perhaps it’s as well to share things that make CFS worse: ...
Nov 12 2009 3:05am
Thanx for sharing more
Apr 05 2010 7:08pm
Massage for Babies If you have a little one or are expecting, think about doing a massage on the baby. This is a very old, time-tested concept followed in traditional cultures. I have given a massage to both my babies ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Exercise to Turn Back the Wheels of Time Exercise is essential to maintaining a good physical condition because of its ability to oxygenate the body. Regular exercise also quickens blood circulation and prevents arteriosclerosis and other ag ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Increase Your Exercise Level I know, I know - you're like, duh! But let's be honest - how many of us really feel like putting in a lot of activity when we are already on a diet? It's very easy to say - oh, I've already reduc ...
Aug 22 2007 10:35am
At least 30 minutes a day of exercise - this could be just going for a walk after work - y ... more
Sep 12 2007 8:04pm
Basics about Pilates It is a good way to stay fit that is really creating waves in this part of the world -- actually, it is getting to be quite popular across the globe. So, what is Pilates? Pioneered by Joseph Pilate ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Reap Rewards Via Recovery! Many people believe that it's hard training that ultimately pays dividends on race day. Certainly, logging the miles is a large part of what will enable you to complete your race, post a PR, etc. Bu ...
Jan 30 2007 9:51am
Even thin people suffer with cellulite! Use a body brush to increase blood circulation. Essential oils of cedarwood, juniper, patchouli and rosemary are also effective to remove cellulite.
Nov 02 2007 5:56pm
Hey get info. I've the problem my self. Will certainly try out your method. Thanx more
Jan 31 2008 3:17am
5 reasons to do Cardio Workouts Cardio exercises are a great way to not just look good, but also feel good. Here are 5 reasons why cardio exercises are good for you. Increases blood circulation Good for the heart and ...
Jul 23 2007 3:46am
Thanks for the advice. It's always nice to know the 'why' behind something! more
Sep 05 2007 4:18am
Why Exercising in Water is Good for You Come on in, the water's fine! Here are some great reasons why water aerobics, which are great for the summer season, are also good news for those of you bored with your regular gym workouts. 1 ...
Jul 27 2007 12:38pm