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Healthy coffee lovers, drink up! Coffee lovers who are in good health may have little reason to cut back, at least as far as their blood pressure is concerned, a new study suggests. Because the caffeine in coffee and other foods can ...
Mar 22 2007 11:49am
Coffee can be good for you, experts say Drinking coffee can help ward off type 2 diabetes and may even help prevent certain cancers, according to panelists discussing the benefits -- and risks -- of the beverage at a scientific meeting. "W ...
May 02 2007 11:23am
High school teens like popular coffee drinks, perhaps too much Teens increasingly are stopping at a popular coffee bar in the mornings and bringing an iced coffee or latte to high school. Certainly it is true on college campuses where abuse of stimulants has doub ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Fix your coffee! We have started using unbleached coffee filters in my house. When you think of pouring hot water over bleach into your coffee, you can imagine how scary that is! I'm not sure I notice a difference i ...
Sep 19 2007 9:58pm
... great point! Is it easy to find unbleached coffee filters? more
Sep 20 2007 6:35pm
Coffee 'no boost in the morning' That morning cuppa may not actually help get you going That morning latte or espresso may not be the pick-me-up people think it is, a study has revealed. University of Bristol researchers say the caf ...
Mar 07 2007 11:32am
I drink more tea than coffee, but they're both full of caffeine! I drink numerous cups of earl grey tea throughout the day. That, combined with a couple of espressos here and there, adds up to way too much caffeine! Honestly, I'm not so much concerned about the he ...
Apr 22 2007 1:28pm
Both tea and coffee will stain your teeth a little bit bec ... more
Oct 03 2007 4:05pm
Another suggestion for healthier coffee Not too long ago, my boyfriend bought a "cold brew" coffee system. You can read about it online: Basically, you buy a pound of coffee at a time, soak the grounds, then strai ...
May 19 2007 1:04pm
Cutting back on coffee? Try Yerba Mate I recently bought yerba mate tea as a substitute for my morning coffee. While I'm no expert, my understanding is that it is a non-caffeine, all natural stimulant. I have to say, despite being a many ...
Jul 23 2007 12:09pm
Vegetarians Beware of Coffee and Tea According to Dr. Sears coffee and tea contain chemicals called polyphenols that can decrease the absorption of iron in plant foods by up to 70 percent. Vegetarians face the challenge of getting enough ...
Dec 11 2007 8:49am
I think it's the caffeine. more
Dec 28 2007 11:17am
Salty coffee If coffee dehydrates and salt makes you retain water, do they balance each other out if you have a salty diet and drink a lot of coffee? How does coffee dehydrate you if it's a liquid? Does it go thr ...
Jun 01 2007 12:49pm
... th benefits. Many people will tell you that coffee is not something that will dehydrate y ... more
Jun 21 2007 4:41pm