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Tips for eating out smartly Increasingly, restaurants are offering health-conscious items to their menus, but there’s a lot an individual can do at any eatery to cut back on fat and ramp up the nutrition. I read a story online ...
Aug 25 2007 6:03am
... I would have never thought to ask, but very smart! Thank you. more
Sep 28 2007 12:59pm
Smart workouts affect the brain too If you think you’re smart for working out regularly, you really are. Scientists have discovered that the human brain does create new cells throughout a person’s life – contrary to a long-held theo ...
Aug 25 2007 6:18am
Past the age group the article referrs to, the benefits are much more than rebuilding br ... more
Jan 13 2008 10:45am
Is The Safe and Smart Weight Loss Edge Gold Package a good fit for you? Book Review The Safe and Smart Weight Loss Edge E-Book is for someone who is overwhelmed by the weight loss process. If you have little time to conduct searches on the internet, then Barbara Ling will save you ...
Feb 11 2008 12:12pm
Thanks for this review.  Very helpful.   ----------------------------------------- ... more
Nov 08 2009 4:27am
Salad Smarts Think you're opting for a healthy choice by snagging a salad instead of a burger at the drive through. Think again. Fat traps abound in fast food. Take Taco Bell's Fiesta Taco Salad. It packs a calori ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Smart Spinach and Strawberries Studies have shown spinach to outperform most other vegetables as a brain-health booster. In fact, some experts recommend a daily spinach salad as a key to heightening recall and capacity to learn. If ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Exercise Makes You Smart! Oh thank goodness because all those reps had me wondering if it was all really worth it. Newsweek is reporting that physical activity actually boosts brain power. Charles Hillman, of the University ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
I'm so glad to hear that. So many people stuff themselves with supplements trying to impr ... more
Dec 06 2007 4:28pm
In golden years, walk, eat smartly, get regular checkups Staying healthy, especially with aching muscles and bones, is not easy for older people. The key to staying healthy is to take small steps, according to the Butler County Department on Aging in August ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Smart Grilling Tips 1) Opt for lean meats, and make sure you remove skin and excess fat beforehand. 2) Don't grill for too long. If you pre-cook meats in the microwave and cut them up into smaller pieces, you'll sho ...
Sep 11 2007 4:42pm
Most Americans don't eat smart and exercise: CDC Only one in seven Americans exercises enough and eats enough fruits and vegetables, and men are worse than women, federal health officials said on Thursday. "These results underscore the need to prom ...
Apr 06 2007 11:26am
Be smart about your vitamins When taking vitamins there are a few rules to go by according to Joy Bauer, the TODAY nutritionist: Drink plenty of fluids Only purchase vitamins with a "USP verified" logo. This means: ...
Oct 22 2007 3:42pm
Thank you Mike M. That is so true. I am an associate with Usana Health Sciences and they ... more
Jan 19 2008 11:52am