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Organic Chocolates If you have a sweet tooth or you just cannot keep away from chocolates, then try going in for organic chocolates. These are better because they contain untreated ingredients, which increase the heal ...
Jul 07 2007 11:22pm
... ch - - you get a daily dose of organic dark chocolate as part of the program. you can als ... more
Feb 26 2011 1:43pm
Guilt-Less Dark Chocolate We know that dark chocolate yields great health benefits. To reap the most rewards, try one (or all!) of these three chocolate bars, selected by Women's Health magazine for their high-cacao (the stuff ...
Jun 04 2007 5:06pm
Chocolate I like to eat chocolate, but do not want to gain a lot of weight. How much is too much? What is the right/healthy amount to eat?
Jun 03 2007 4:40pm
... ancy are correct...go for the purest form of chocolate for maximum satiation. If you'd ... more
Aug 09 2009 5:16pm
If you're having a chocolate craving It's better to have a square of dark semisweet chocolate (like chocolate chips) as opposed to milk chocolate. Doctors say it's actually HEALTHY for you, believe it or not.
Sep 25 2007 8:37am
I actually took a chocolate class at the Cordon Bleu in Canada. ... more
Oct 29 2007 11:53pm
High Blood Pressure: Forget Pills, Eat Chocolate I love peer-reviewed journal articles. There are so many of them. If you search hard enough you're sure to find something positive about your favorite nutritional vice. Perhaps reading something posi ...
Apr 26 2007 10:25am
Want a Snack? Try Some Dark Chocolate Not everyone knows that dark chocolate is high in flavonoids, which fight free radicals. That's good news for sweet tooths everywhere; in fact, just a moderate dose of chocolate per day can reduce b ...
Jul 30 2007 3:08pm
Chocolate Attack! Although my entire immediate family is very much overweight, I'm the only one trying to do anything about it right now. I do my best to encourage healthy eating and sometimes it works! The problem is, ...
Apr 12 2008 5:58pm
Let me try that again. Once you get to the sight click on Online Store, then click on Nu ... more
Apr 13 2008 6:50pm
Eat More Chocolate! I have recently discovered raw, chocolate.It is delicious, and sweetened with agave nectar rather than sugar. DId you know that raw chocolate contains more antioxidants than any other food on th ...
Mar 25 2008 5:28am
Can you eat chocolate and Lose weight? Eat chocolate and lose weight? Thousands of people have discovered the weight loss benefits of healthy chocolate. It is the perfect time to try a new high-antioxidant chocolate product that is turni ...
Mar 09 2012 12:08am
Hershey's Miniatures Cure Chocolate Cravings No matter how disciplined you are, there are going to be times when you just need a chocolate fix. Now you could go all crazy denying your persistent urge, then try to fake yourself out with some sug ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am