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Chiropractic Care for Lower Blood Pressure One trip to the chiropractor could cause a blood-pressure drop equal to taking two hypertension drugs at once, according to research from the University of Chicago Medical Center. The study focused on ...
Jul 08 2007 4:58pm
I think Yoga can help out too! more
Aug 06 2009 5:39pm
An Alternative to Chiropractic Therapy: Rolfing If you're suffering chronic pain that a dozen trips to the chiropractor haven't made any better, you may want to check out one of the hottest trends around: Rolfing. Rolfing was developed by Dr. Ida P ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Rolfing looks relaxing.  Looks like pressure points in a way. more
Aug 27 2009 1:07pm
Parisi Speed School Promises Results Elite athletes know it's not enough train hard - you've got to train smart. At Parisi Speed School, certified Athletic Performance Specialists work with athletes of all ages to improve performance. ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Healthier food, drinks slowly enter schools Healthier food and drinks are slowly finding their way into U.S. school lunchrooms, just under a year after leading companies first voluntarily agreed to ban high-calorie, low-nutrition products from ...
Apr 17 2007 6:33pm
Healthy eating program helps slim school kids The kids voted for their favorite vegetables, school cafeteria staff more accustomed to warming up frozen dishes learned how to slice fresh fruit and restaurants changed their menus. And the experime ...
May 11 2007 12:23pm
A Ban on Soft Drinks in Schools could lead to significant Weight Loss. With growing rates of childhood obesity, an all out ban on junk food in schools should be considered. Soft drinks, for example, appears to be a potentially potent risk factor for weight gain. One st ...
Jul 10 2007 8:31am
Kids and How They Get to School I recently read a study from the American Journal of Preventive Medicine that asserts that even though one out of three American kids lives within a mile of their school, barely half of those regularl ...
Aug 14 2007 9:47am
Good points, but.... Kenna, I totally understand what you mean about safety. But I also th ... more
Aug 17 2007 5:42pm
Regional health foundation has schools tackling obesity Millis seventh-grader Kaitlin Babin-Devine is spooning sugar into a clear plastic container, waiting for the scales to balance. Finally, after about a third of a cup sits on the scale, it starts to ...
Feb 07 2008 9:27am
... r exercise techniques. It is wonderful that schools are realizing that this an area where ... more
Feb 07 2008 11:03am
Nutritionist schools in MA I was thinking about becoming a nutritionist. Are there any schools that hold programs in MA? If so, what kind of schooling would I need to go through in order to be certified/receive a degree i ...
Jul 13 2008 1:42am
School holiday ideas Do you ever get stumped for ideas when it comes to entertaining your kids during the school holidays? For holiday snacks, try choppe ...
Aug 22 2008 6:28pm