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Gourmet Restaurants and Nutritional Info There's been an increasing amount of pressure on fast-food restaurants to list the nutritional content of their meals, but do you think this should also apply to chain restaurants and even your more u ...
Aug 10 2007 12:38pm
... e nice to see nutritional information at all restaurants. If the info was incorporated int ... more
May 08 2008 10:33am
Research Your Restaurants Research Your Restaurant. If you're going out to eat it's a pain to find the company website and search out the nutritional information. I found one website where you can find a lot of the same info ...
Jul 19 2007 2:28pm
... hier without having to give up your favorite restaurants. Just enter a menu item that you ... more
May 08 2008 10:29am
Chinese restaurants a nutritionist's nightmare, group says The typical Chinese restaurant menu is a sea of nutritional no-nos, a consumer group has found. A plate of General Tso's chicken, for example, is loaded with about 40 percent more sodium and more tha ...
Mar 22 2007 11:55am
I demand the nutritional facts!! Although I disapprove of McDonald’s and think they constantly are tricking us and bending the truth, I’ve found a reason to actually like them. Their website is the only website that is fast and eas ...
Aug 09 2007 5:30pm
... e nutritional info for a number of fast-food restaurants. Even fast food restaurants will ... more
Aug 21 2007 11:20pm
San Diego restaurant review - Ranchos Cosina Ranchos Cocina 1830 Sunset Cliffs Blvd., Ste. H San Diego , CA 92107 ...
Oct 11 2007 5:35pm
Rancho Cocina is one of my favorite restaurants. They have a beautiful outdoor p ... more
Oct 23 2007 7:47pm
10 Nutrition Tips 10 Nutrition Tips If you buy butter or margarine, look for the whipped, lower fat versions available in tubs. Use them sparingly though, because they're still concentrated sources of fat. Ha ...
Aug 13 2007 8:56am
5 Tips for Eating Better at Restaurants POPULAR CHEF "SECRETS"--like a stick of butter in your sauce--can sabotage a healthy diet, and are especially troublesome if you avoid animal products. So follow these new tips from the Center for S ...
Oct 19 2007 12:00pm
... d than done. I once went to the Machine Shed restaurant in the Des Moines, Iowa area for l ... more
Mar 23 2009 8:23am
Chain restaurants with healthier fare Health Magazine visited sit-down restaurants to see where you can find healthy, fresh food. The chains that shared nutritional information were judged, and the 10 that came out on top were: Uno's ...
Apr 27 2008 3:58pm
Got it. Now I just need the willpower to suggest a salad to myself. :) more
May 13 2008 1:29pm
NYC ban on trans fat It’s sweet that the government wants us to live longer so we can pay more taxes, but shouldn’t we be responsible for our own health? Dietary trans fat have come under scrutiny in the past few years d ...
Jan 24 2007 3:41pm
Woo hoo for Starbucks! more
Feb 20 2007 10:19am
Live from NY: Interview with Jared Koch, founder of Clean Plates NYC is a town known for it's take out, eating out and not having a large enough kitchen to cook at home. Pravassa interviewed Clean Plates founder Jared Koch on the best ways to eat out.  Brookly ...
Apr 18 2013 1:30pm
... will help me to choose some good and healthy restaurants. Thanks for posting this.  more
Jan 11 2014 6:51pm