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Tai Chi for chronic pain Tai Chi is known for the gentleness with which it works on the body. That is probably why it is considered an excellent aid to overcome chronic pain. And because it is so gentle, it can be do ...
Sep 28 2007 3:01am
Really, would like to see some , To give it a shot, I'm in pain 24/7, pain meds. don't wor ... more
Mar 07 2009 5:14am
Tai Chi and its connection to Qigong I read an article recently about qigong, which is definitely connected to tai chi in both philosophy and practice. Qigong is an aspect of traditional Chinese medicine that involves the coordinat ...
Jan 29 2008 1:54pm
... t they expand this category to be called Tai Chi/Chi Kung (or Qigong). This is because Chi ... more
Feb 03 2008 11:25pm
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Jan 27 2010 12:20am
Top 5 Reasons to choose Tai Chi If you are looking to try a new exercise form, here are some solid reasons why you should consider Tai Chi. You can dive right into Tai Chi, unlike yoga that requires some amount of flexib ...
Jul 29 2007 2:32am
Tai Chi Anyone out there who has tried Tai Chi? will be looking for videos that can be played on my computer..........
Jan 07 2008 7:29am
... t -   If you are looking for an online Tai Chi course, please check out my website at ht ... more
Oct 21 2008 9:19am
Chronic pain relieved/reduced by playing Tai Chi I started to learn Tai Chi about 2 years ago. Before that I had a very bad TMJ which hurted the half of my body very frequently due to the nerve and muscle inflammation. After 1 year of practicing T ...
Jul 24 2008 10:34am
Tai Chi for back pain I have recently started doing Tai Chi with a video I ordered, but it seems too much for my hubby who had a spinal fusion in April.  Anyone have any good video or website info for limited mobility Tai ...
Oct 04 2009 7:08pm
... . This way he can follow the a ... more
Feb 25 2010 1:03am
Going Through the Motions with Tai Chi Doubtless, you know all there is to know about yoga--but what about Tai Chi? This ancient martial art from China is an increasingly popular low-impact sport that's captured the hearts, minds, and bodi ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
What's the best time of day to do it to help with sleep. I see that it has cardio benefit ... more
Nov 24 2007 3:03pm
Heard of ChiRunning? Now You Have Most of us just head out the door in our running shoes, racking up the miles until it's time to stop, giving little thought to form. And, many of us get injured; knees, hips, and ankles are especial ...
Aug 17 2007 10:27am
My mom gave me that book (I'm planning to run a marathon and have a bad knee and ankle). I ... more
Aug 21 2007 11:32am
Reduce Stress through Tai Chi Tai Chi is a good way to reduce stress and clear the mind. It is a great exercise because it can be done by the very young and the very old, at almost any place. Here are a few pointers to help yo ...
Aug 17 2007 10:53am