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Change a Habit - Change Your Life I thought this was really interesting - there is some Reverend in Kansas City, MO that came up with the idea of creating a bracelet imprinted with "A complaint free". The purpose of said bra ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Healthy habits... good tips here! America's healthy living habits: How do you compare? Making healthful changes in your life is the best thing you can do for both your physical and emotional well-being. In order to understand more ab ...
Jan 27 2007 9:07am
only 51% read nutrition labels?! yikes. i'm actually surprised and impressed that 22% ex ... more
Jan 27 2007 10:27am
Plan for a Planner Eek, I tried to post this before and it didn't appear, so if this is a repeat, forgive me! The gist was this : I used to be a fly by the seat of my pants type gal, moment to moment, that was me (name ...
Jun 15 2007 6:34pm
I am now what you were BEFORE you started using a planner! My question now is whether I sh ... more
Jun 30 2007 12:30pm
Living a Fulfilling Life Life evolves with time, yet life's simple principles are timeless. Today, we are living in world that is digital, mobile, and connected, yet the insights to live a fulfilling life have not changed sin ...
Jul 28 2008 7:51am
100 Smartest Diet Tips Ever Got a diet dilemma? Ask a true diet pro: an RD, or registered dietitian. Her job is turning complex nutrition research into doable plans for real people. Courtesy of the American Dietetic Association ...
Mar 13 2007 11:52am
Getting Started Currently I am at 140lbs. But I would like to be in the weight range of 130-135. I have an athletic build. I work out at least 5 days a week. But my eating habits are really bad. I need to learn ...
Nov 03 2007 3:07pm
... d up. Best of luck with the goal and logging your progress.. looking forward to seeing how ... more
Nov 08 2007 5:27pm
Walk with a worry stone! We all know that taking a walk has been considered a great way to hash out your worries since Biblical times. Sometimes, it helps to add a little “oomph” with that walk: why not carry a “worry stone ...
Dec 19 2007 9:46am
You know, this is an excellent idea for adults and kids. They can learn to walk off thei ... more
Dec 23 2007 9:35am
Monday Report! Down 79 mid-week, but up... I was down 79 pounds as of last week, when water weight gain started creeping up like white gas on a lantern wick. I'm claiming the lower loss for this week since it's Monday and will wait for the ext ...
Jun 18 2008 6:09pm
A way of life The path of life We all have a “path” through life. Some people’s “paths” wind apparently aimless, others appear strait as an arrow. Our paths may change subtly or dramatically through our live ...
Nov 23 2007 3:24pm
4. There will be times when we will wander off the path, and with food choices, I have com ... more
Dec 02 2007 2:00am
Bad Strategies For Stress Relief We all try to relieve stress, either consciously or unconsciously. There are healthy ways to do this, and not so healthy ways. Attitude plays a major role. If you believe that everything in life is ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... rtcuts..maintain health,contrll anger,heathy life style habits,happy marrige.   Drug ... more
May 08 2009 7:08pm