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Lyme Disease what you need to know. Hi guys, I haven't done a serious post in awhile and it's about that time of year again, so I figured today's post is going to be informative. Lyme Disease was ...
Jun 30 2008 1:13am
... s are quite varied and go way beyond a rash, joint pain and fatigue.    There is a long li ... more
Apr 15 2009 9:27pm
High Sed Rate, High TSH Joint inflammation & pain Hi, I have been on Synthroid for many years and am 43. Over the past few months i have developed shoulder pain, finger joint pain and swelling with nodules. I have been increasingly fatigued, and fe ...
Aug 26 2010 5:10pm
Benlysta.... thoughts...? * FDA clears Human Genome, Glaxo drug Benlysta * Available in about two weeks say companies * FDA asks for further study in black patients     WASHINGTON, March 9 (Reuters) - The firs ...
Mar 10 2011 4:25am
... r and shorter.  However, it did not help my joint swelling and tendon pain much, nor con ... more
Nov 22 2013 4:56pm
Understanding Food Sensitivities Food sensitivities are a commonly misunderstood topic. What are food sensitivities? Are they the same as food allergies? Can a person develop a sensitivity after eating something for years with no ...
Sep 01 2007 8:00pm
Does Arthritis Have an Age Limit??? Half of all people age 65 and older have arthritis. There are over 100 different forms of arthritis and many different symptoms and treatments. Doctors still do not know what causes most ...
Feb 05 2009 9:24am
... diagnosed with arthritis at age 15 in every joint in my body.  Painful, yes. I have not l ... more
Apr 05 2010 7:32pm
Nutrition for Joint Health As with myriad other health issues, there’s a very real connection between food and joint health. Just as proper nutrition can keep your heart healthy and cholesterol levels low, certain foods can e ...
Sep 14 2007 5:01pm
... hted some fantastic foods that are great for joint health. There are also many foods that ... more
Dec 03 2007 4:33am
Drink something good for your joints while walking! Do you like the idea of helping your joints in two ways while walking? Of course, walking helps your joints. But also, Elations -- formerly produced by Proctor and Gamble -- is a beverage that has Glu ...
Mar 17 2008 9:55pm
Big Toe Joint Replacement I have been told that I can have my big toe joint replaced with a plastic joint, has anyone had this done & can you tell me about it?  I will be seeing my orthopedic surgeon at the end of May & I ...
May 03 2009 5:50pm
sacroilic joint treatment I sympathize with you when you have a SI Joint Pain. It is so terrible. My mother has the same problem as you. <a href="">sacro ...
Dec 03 2009 12:40am
SI joint pain can be treated by a Chiropractor.  ... more
Feb 15 2010 2:16pm
Asthma - on oxygen 24/7 and joint pains! In July, my asthma got really bad, then had pneumonia and pleurisy pains. Then a pulmonary embolism.  Then I had to be on 24/7 oxygen because I couldn't breathe without it. Also, I have joint pains BI ...
Feb 04 2010 8:00am
thank you Clim.  I had the PE one week after I had a Nissen fundoplication surgery. I had ... more
Feb 07 2010 2:03am