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Go hang gliding For those who have never considered trying hang gliding, here are some photos that give an idea of some of the exhiliration that is possible... hang gliding photos   I'm happy to chat with any ...
Nov 20 2008 3:11pm
Where to find hang-gliding classes, locations California has plenty of places to learn how to hang glide and beautiful places to practice it. If you just want to experience it before deciding whether to take classes, you can take a tandem flight ...
Aug 30 2007 6:08pm
You can Find all of the Hang Gliding location in the USA at . is your one stop ... more
Dec 10 2010 3:29pm
Hang Gliding Resources It turns out hang gliding is actually very well organized. The USA Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association has tons of information on their site, including listings of clubs, instructors, and compet ...
Sep 29 2007 2:29pm
Helpful Hang Gliding Info Not sure if someone has mentioned it yet or not, but I found some really helpful hang gliding tips at
Oct 19 2007 1:14pm
Hang off the bed If anyoneis suffering from stiff shoulders and neck (aren't we all?!) here is a great way to stretch them out. Lie flat on the bed, facing the ceiling. Slowly slide your body to the edge of the b ...
Jul 30 2007 10:28pm
I didn't do it for 10 minutes. I did it for about 3 to 5 just to get a feel for it. Bu ... more
Sep 05 2007 8:42pm
Weights Help You Hang Sprinters and climbers know that strength training is essential for increasing their max power, but Norwegian researchers have found adding weights to your training can also boost your cruising spee ...
May 12 2008 11:31am
Cold weather is to me what an oven must be to a paddle pop... I tend to prefer to emphasise the things that help, but after a pretty rough day, perhaps it’s as well to share things that make CFS worse: ...
Nov 12 2009 3:05am
Thanx for sharing more
Apr 05 2010 7:08pm
Gauge Your Motivation Motivation, it's a tricky thing. The key to getting and staying motivated is for you, the individual, to understand what motivates you and why. Then, hopefully, you will be able to gauge your motivati ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Eating Out Starts At Home Who else has this happened to? You're on a diet. Your friend calls - she wants to go out to dinner. You hem, you haw, you try to get out of it. She knows the reason - you're on a diet! She shouts at ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Instead of going out to dinner, I find that it is easier to avoid the whole meal and just ... more
Jul 21 2007 7:24pm
Managing Osteo-Arthritis in the Hips Dear Fellow Well-mates, I wanted to share with you some ideas of dealing with osteo-arthritis in the hips—and trying to avoid hip replacement surgery, or at least delay it as long as poss ...
Jan 24 2007 1:06pm
Hi: I have severe chronic pain in my lower back but also butcher knife pain in my hip ... more
Feb 27 2009 1:10pm