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carotid artery Hi, my tumor cut off my carotid artery on the left side.  I am woriied that it could cause a stroke or heart attack.  What do you guys think?  I also have a history of strokes and heart attacks in m ...
Jan 27 2010 7:48am
The Daniel Diet In the Bible (Book of Daniel), Daniel has the opportunity to eat the finest meats and wines in the world, but chooses "pulse" and water. Some say pulse is like spinach, others say it was a legume. You ...
Jul 20 2007 6:32pm
Aerobic Heart Rate I started to use a heart rate monitor for my running a few weeks ago. It seems the the maximum heart rate equation is way off (the equation indicates my max should be 187). When running at a normal ...
Jan 30 2008 10:04am
Why don`t you try the Qwave's interactive software? It is designed for ... more
Mar 04 2009 10:28pm
Workout Wake-up Tired of the same-old, same-old at the gym? Give your body (and spirit!) a lift with fusion fitness classes. At 24 Hour Fitness ( get your heart rate up with "Pilates Pulse" - a ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Many fitness facilities are keeping their programming alive by 'fusing' a number of differ ... more
Jul 02 2007 8:45pm
exercise during pregnancy On the television show, Three Takes, this morning, a trainer from Diesel Fitness showed a pregnant woman a few exercises to keep her fit during her pregnancy. Here are some tips: Squats-keep a f ...
Nov 09 2007 8:43am
Easy Ways to Get Toned Given the fine balance between work, family, and social activities, it's a challenge to try to fit exercise in their somewhere. Most people are fooled into thinking that it doesn't count unless yo ...
Jul 30 2007 3:23pm
I know it's a great idea, but I'm curious if anyone really sits at their desk and squeezes ... more
Nov 16 2007 9:39am
left testical twisted I know for a fact that I twisted my left testicle. I twisted it myself. I am apparently not the type to develop an acute "torsion" event so it hasn't tuned blue and died. They have simply dr ...
Oct 25 2009 10:31pm
>Til then, we can call you celibateman, right? (snide callous bitch) I'm a celibat ... more
Dec 09 2009 3:21pm
Bust Fat by Eyeing Heart Rate Men's Health has this article about Mark Schlereth who was an NFL football player for 12 years and endured a lot of injuries. He went from 290 to 270 in 6 years by watching his heart rate. Beca ...
Oct 21 2007 3:40pm
Eating on the Run Runners on the go with limited time and money need a food plan that combines solid nutrition, convenience, and relatively low cost. We need our carbs, moderate protein and fat, preferably consumed w ...
Aug 28 2007 10:19am
I don't know how I missed this article in Runner's World. I wasn't aware of the magical q ... more
Aug 28 2007 7:06pm
The Scoop on Diet Supplements Diet supplements have been around for ages and come in every form--pills, shakes, juices, powders, and countless others. Do they help reduce weight? Some definitely do. Pills containing stimulants ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am