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Caregiver Stress During The Holidays - General Discussions

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Ways to Avoid Holiday Madness and Stress 1) If you can, avoid shopping malls and the consumer craze altogether--they are enough to drive anyone crazy! Instead, shop online at all-purpose places like Best Buy or Better yet, get ...
Dec 05 2007 1:31pm
Even before the recent mall tragedy in Omaha I have avoided malls. I feel they are really ... more
Dec 08 2007 7:42pm
Tips for Reducing Caregiving Stress A high amount of stress, depression, and other health disorders can result from being a caregiver for an elderly family member, particularly when you don't have access to helpful resources and informa ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Great tips, Nirmala. A great resource for caregivers of elderly family members is your ... more
Nov 29 2008 8:52pm
Get organized during the holidays A survey was conducted in collaboration with the Bank of America, centered around the holiday season. I thought I had some eye-opening results. We all know this, but it helps to see it on pap ...
Dec 09 2007 10:55pm
I have started doing a lot more shopping online. I used to think, "I don't want to pay for ... more
Dec 10 2007 11:00am
3 tips to avoid heartburn during the holiday season (1) Avoid high-fat and fried foods, caffeine, alcohol, and pepper. (2) Avoid overeating. (3) Relax. Stress leads to heartburn. So take care and relax
Dec 09 2007 11:03pm
Gearing Up for Holiday Eats With the holidays slowly but surely approaching, here are some tips to help you avoid putting on the extra poundage, even if you decide to indulge just a bit. * If you think you're going to splur ...
Sep 14 2007 4:05pm
Pack Healthy Snacks at Work This Holiday Season Working in an office at the holidays can be lethal to your healthy eating goals. Everyone is in the mood for giving - giving cookies, candies, and even the occasional cheese log. So here's what you ...
Dec 06 2007 6:42am
I think it's the boredom of desk living that makes us reach for treats! more
Jan 21 2008 7:02pm
School holiday ideas Do you ever get stumped for ideas when it comes to entertaining your kids during the school holidays? For holiday snacks, try choppe ...
Aug 22 2008 6:28pm
5 ways to keep off holiday pounds Make sure you stay hydrated. Sometimes you'll think you're hungry when you're really just thirsty. Snack on raw veggies while you make that big dinner, party food or holiday treats. It'll ke ...
Nov 24 2007 3:22pm
PLAN For Healthy Holiday Eating Thanksgiving is a big gorging day, but once that huge meal is over it's over. The rest of December, however, presents us with an entire season of festive eating. It is said that the average Americ ...
Dec 04 2007 1:25pm
Everything in Moderation for the Holidays There are lots of things you can do this season to avoid the unhealthful choices that often accompany holiday cheer: 1) Get a little of everything rather than lots of one thing, which ensures you ...
Dec 04 2007 2:19pm