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The Golden Formula: Weights and Cardio One problem people often face in weight loss is thinking they can accomplish it all through weights or cardio alone. I've found the effect of aerobic exercise plus weights a synergistic combination. W ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Getting Started on Cardio Workouts Cardiovascular, or cardio training is a good way to burn the fat. If you are just getting started, here is some basic information to help you out. What Is it? Cardio training is any exercise that is ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Add Cardio to Sculpting Sessions In order to burn more calories we can add some cardio into body sculpting or weight-lifting sessions. You can either go the interval route, which would mean short spurts of some kind of cardio acti ...
Sep 11 2007 9:58am
that cardio alone won't do it. Gots to do the weig ... more
Sep 28 2007 3:55pm
5 reasons to do Cardio Workouts Cardio exercises are a great way to not just look good, but also feel good. Here are 5 reasons why cardio exercises are good for you. Increases blood circulation Good for the heart and ...
Jul 23 2007 3:46am
Thanks for the advice. It's always nice to know the 'why' behind something! more
Sep 05 2007 4:18am
Looking for a creative way to stay in shape? Try cardio tennis In San Antonio, tennis playing Texans aren'nt forgetting to do their cardio workouts. In fact, some San Antonians are combining tennis with a structured cardio workout, says Wendy Rigby of KENS 5 Eyew ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
The Cardio-Free Diet Fitness 'expert' Jim Karas has written a diet book claiming that cardio is a complete waste of time. The Cardio-Free Diet advises us to ditch the cardio: "it kills your time, your energy, your joints, ...
Apr 16 2007 2:46pm
Cardio is Cool -- Stretching is Warm I condition my body to play competitive sports; particularly, I play racquetball 3 to 4 times a week. Cardio workouts are part of my conditioning. Stretching is just as important because flexibil ...
Jul 17 2007 10:14am
Sounds like you've got a great plan in order to keep you in tip top condition of your comp ... more
Aug 05 2007 8:50pm
Tennis as a Cardio Workout I'm all about cardio, but tend to find the treadmill and bike at the gym kind of monotanous. While I'm not the greatest tennis player, I love going out and hitting balls with my friends, so I plan to ...
Jun 25 2007 7:15pm
I would like to try it. Tennis is one of those sports that seems to take a long time to g ... more
Sep 27 2007 8:07am
Best Time for Cardio Work Out to Lose Fat The fact that you do a cardio work out almost everyday is fantastic. Any time you do your work out is the best time to work out. However, I came across an article that tells us the best time to work ...
Sep 20 2007 9:09pm
I can see where it can be more beneficial to workout in the morning, but you defiantly nee ... more
Sep 25 2007 3:59pm
Cheerleading as a Cardio Workout Cheerleading was fun back in high school and college, but it is still a great to remain fit. I was surprised to discover that cheerleading can make a great cardio exercise. You just need to develop ...
Sep 08 2007 7:28pm