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Almonds: Carcinogens in a Nutshell Raw and organic almond lovers are appalled by the Department of Agriculture’s decision to pasteurize California almonds sold in the U.S. to retailers and food processors. The Almond Boar ...
Aug 23 2007 5:58pm
Wow, so much poor information in the world being spread on blogs. The most likely source ... more
Jul 20 2009 10:13am
Four Horsemen Who Spread Plague - Bad Health A dark plague has crept across the land. Led by four evil horsemen who have been corrupted and enslaved by the master, the plague has cast its shadowy tentacles from sea to sea through towns and ...
Apr 16 2008 6:28pm
Some "Natural Organic" Products not so Natural Organic skin care products and cleaning products are becoming increasingly popular. In fact, sales of natural skin care increased more than almost any other type of product in the UK last year. Unfo ...
Mar 18 2008 5:22pm
... the Kiss My Face lotion.  Do they list this chemical in the ingredients? thanks! more
Jan 05 2009 1:10pm
Protect yourself with Green Tea Research has linked an increased consumption of this oriental infusion with a reduced risk of conditions such as cancer and heart disease. It is a powerful antioxidant and contains a compound known as ...
Jul 21 2007 2:37am
How can you tell your green tea truly has healing properties and is not just using the gre ... more
Oct 02 2007 11:39am
Beware Artificial Sweeteners There are many reasons to consider eating less sugar. However, think twice before you use artificial alternatives. Many studies have shown the negative health effects of Saccharin (Sweet-n-Low) on h ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Smart Grilling Tips 1) Opt for lean meats, and make sure you remove skin and excess fat beforehand. 2) Don't grill for too long. If you pre-cook meats in the microwave and cut them up into smaller pieces, you'll sho ...
Sep 11 2007 4:42pm
Stay Safe on the 4th If you or someone you love is going to be playing with fireworks on the 4th, be certain to take the time for basic firework safety. Although the most common concern regarding the explosives is the obv ...
Jul 02 2007 1:46pm
Don't Get Hit By the Pots and Pans Reports are swirling on the potential dangers of using pots and pans. Not as weapons, although that might cause some serious harm (!), but as cooking utensils that purportedly seep metal into our fo ...
Nov 12 2007 2:30pm
You use non-stick pans so you use less oil, which is bad for you, but then the pans themse ... more
Nov 29 2007 8:33pm
We are bombarded with synthetic chemicals Sampling of the findings collected from reputable sources about what is really in our food, water, vitamins, prescription drugs, childhood vaccines, cosmetics and our homes. -- When you read "made ...
Apr 11 2008 12:57pm
Spicy Chemicals Processed food is not the only thing laden with unpronounceable ingredients. Have you checked out your spice rack lately? We have several seasonings for chicken, steak etc. I was pretty sure I'd fi ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am