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My car got stolen, so... Ever since my car got stolen three weeks ago, I have been walking places I never would have imagined walking before. Distances that previously seemed unwalkable, are seeming shorter and shorter every ...
Mar 20 2008 8:25am
I have never driven a car, so I know your situation. Your muscles a ... more
Mar 21 2008 8:57pm
Recite Shakespeare in the car! I know, you're all like, What. Why would I do that? Because there is something about the language that is hypnotic, complex and passionate. It takes a bit more brain power than singing along with re ...
Jul 31 2007 11:20pm
You get to know the city better on foot then in a car. When you're walking, you really get to know the city. Yes, it may take longer then if you were to drive, but think of it as exercise as well as therapy. Choose a destination, the distance depends on h ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
I walk everyday, though usually it's just to get to and from work. But, I love to walk aro ... more
Aug 31 2007 5:57pm
Looking for a Tennis Practice Wall in Slovakia Dear Well-mates: You may be interested in what it takes to exercise in far away places. I wrote this in March 2003. But don’t forget that in the Spring of 2004, Slovakia joined the Europe ...
Jan 26 2007 7:15pm
Ways to Save Money Ever since I got married last year and ever since the cost of living in my city has skyrocketed while salaries have remained pretty stationary, I've started to think of ways to save money without ne ...
Sep 02 2008 9:02am
well i totally agree to nirmala coz i also face the same problem though im single but then ... more
May 05 2010 3:07am
My situation I have a permanent back injury after a car accident. Some days I feel pretty good, and others I have pretty bad pain, which causes my right leg to feel numb (the injury is on the right side). Accordin ...
Jul 05 2007 4:00pm
Read the book "Healing Back Pain" by Dr. John Sarno. It is incredible. Kerri Knox, RN ... more
Oct 17 2008 4:28pm
Stay safe in the sun When the sun does come out, will you know how to keep you and your family safe when it's hot? Sunburn and skin cancer Sunburn isn't pleasant. It can be p ...
Aug 22 2008 6:28pm
I have to commend the bikers I have to say "that's amazing" to anyone who is proficient at mountain riding. I love ridiing a bike but in Los Angeles, it can be difficult. I've seen people riding up Laurel Canyon but is just so ...
Aug 03 2007 6:36pm
i like bike riding , its lots of fun and good work out more
Jun 25 2008 3:00pm
Organized Stress For me organization is one of the best stress busters I know. If I can find my postage stamps, car keys and the electric bill without tearing the house apart then my day just goes smoother. If you'r ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
It's super corny, but if you go to, she has tons of great advice for getti ... more
Jun 21 2007 5:00am
Walk Instead of Drive While it's a good thing fitness-wise to park your car a little farther away and get some walking in when going to the grocery store, etc., why not leave the car behind completely? I realize that ...
Oct 13 2007 10:22pm
... license so, rain or shine, I either have to carpool (we live 20 minutes from the nearest ... more
Oct 23 2007 8:43am