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Major Depressive Disorder I am a person, a unique complex individual. My diagnosis does not define who I am. It only describes some of the things that I experience. Major depressive disorder is one way to describe how I feel ...
Aug 23 2008 12:33pm
Thank you jackie.  I really appreciate your comment. more
Jan 12 2010 8:04am
Cold weather is to me what an oven must be to a paddle pop... I tend to prefer to emphasise the things that help, but after a pretty rough day, perhaps it’s as well to share things that make CFS worse: ...
Nov 12 2009 3:05am
Thanx for sharing more
Apr 05 2010 7:08pm
Yoga Helps In Walking Too Lately in my yoga practice I have been learning about "holding energy" in my legs as a way to tone the inner thighs. And isn't that what all women want? Anyway - my instructor has been showing us ho ...
Sep 19 2007 11:42am
In addition to strengthening your legs I think the stretching helps give you a looser and ... more
Dec 06 2007 4:55pm
The Role of Diet in Autism A pilot study of autistic children studied the effects of removing gluten from their diet (Autism, 1999; 3: 45-69). In the study, once gluten containing foods were eliminated, a majority of children s ...
Aug 27 2007 5:29am
I remember taking Mickie off Casein and Gluten when he was five. It can be safely done, ju ... more
Nov 28 2008 10:42pm
More Peas Please Garden, sugar snap or snow, green peas are in the peak during the summer months and can be a great menu addition because of their sweet flavor and concentration of vitamins and minerals. They are a ri ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
meditation can it help me deal with stress issues? and calm my mind.
Jul 18 2012 3:27pm
I love what you are saying Maddison, thank you. more
Apr 10 2013 5:32pm
Use the Erg ("Rowing Maching") Properly I was on my high school's crew team and was told it would bother me severely to see people using the erg improperly at the gym. I laughed at the ridiculousness at the time, but it turns out my c ...
Aug 27 2007 5:14pm
Bike Helmets and the Importance of Wearing Them Properly I live in Los Angeles and it never ceases to amaze me how many people I see riding their bikes down the busiest streets without a helmet on. (We're talking streets with six lanes of traffic!) Almost a ...
Jun 29 2007 1:33am
i got myself a helmet , like a few days ago . i feel much safer more
Jun 05 2008 1:10am
plan ahead & train properly Always be sure to plan enough in advance for the competition in terms of your training workouts. You don't want to do too much too fast and leave yourself susceptible to injuries. Cross-train as w ...
Jessica K.
Oct 21 2007 2:57pm
Tramadol Hydrochloride 50mg. Proper Use of This Medicine Tramadol is an active medication, one that is known to relieve pain you are feeling. While Tramadol is not going to cure you of your pain, it is going to stop you from feeling the intense pain you hav ...
Sep 02 2008 4:58am
thank you for this advice i never knew i take aleast 250mg daily for my bone loss due from ... more
Sep 11 2010 1:42pm