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Hemp has become an $8.6-million food industry Soy has a new competitor on the grocery store shelf: hemp. In the past two years, sales of hemp food products increased more than 50 percent. Its attraction is that it is an alternative to soy, it is ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Hemp for Total Health Hemp ain't just for the hippies anymore. In fact, foods derived from ganja are actually super healthy and packed with protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and calcium. (And to the newbies out there, don't ...
Jul 30 2007 7:22pm
Hemp cosmetics from the Czech Republic helps psoriasis and eczema get down..  /1888PressRelease/ Do you suffer from psoriasis or eczema and even using the ointment and creams presribed by the doctor is not helping anything? In addition to these diseases, there are cortico ...
Mar 29 2010 7:14am
i have dry skin,may i know which face cleanser is best 4 my skin more
Jun 29 2010 2:10am
What creative ways are there to use ground flax seed and hemp seeds I cook with both ground flax seeds and hemp seeds but am searching for creative ways to use it.
Mar 31 2008 8:59am
I add at least a Tablespoon of ground flax to all my baked goods more
Aug 30 2008 9:39am
Rowing in Ottawa, Canada For anyone who is planning to be in Ottawa and wants to row, I highly recommend ONEC (Ottawa New Edinburgh Club): John Boyd is the instructor for those just starting out and he is ...
Jan 31 2007 3:31pm
Canada Food Guide for Toddlers 1-2 Grain Products- 5 or more toddler-sized servings per day Example of a serving: 4-6 crackers Vegetables & Fruits- 5 or more toddler-sized servings per day Example of a serving: 2-4 tbsp fresh, fro ...
Oct 30 2007 3:28pm
Choosing the Right Yoga Clothes Lots of yoga buffs I know swear that the yoga craze nowadays is all about the clothes rather than the poses. I’m not advocating consumer fixations over the more therapeutic benefits of yoga, but certa ...
Aug 21 2007 10:12am
This blog is more important for the yoga buffs. The clothes you choose should be absolut ... more
Feb 10 2011 11:40am
Go Vega For Better Health, Performance If you're on the go for long periods of time, whether as an athlete or as just an all-around busy person (or both), it's often a challenge to follow a plant-based diet. Try carrying around a large sal ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Yoga Philosophy As part of my teacher training we have been learning a lot of the basics of yoga philosophy. I have learned all about the 8 limbs of yoga as well as the yamas and niyamas and all sorts of things in ...
Mar 30 2008 11:38pm
... se or my heather gray Russel shorts and ecru hemp tee - :-) more
Apr 08 2008 10:19pm
Green Beauty Buys Under $17 At Target Out of the big box retailers Target seems to be putting forth the most effort. From their inticing commercials , to their affordable Rogan Gregory eco-fashion , to the (few) recent "natural" beauty ...
Aug 23 2008 3:11pm