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Breath Mints, Cough Drops and Gum Alright, for anyone out there who has been trying to give up sugar, I'm sure you've noticed that it's much easier to stick to it if you don't have any sugar at all. Right? So, here's the latest tip ...
Jul 30 2007 5:34pm
... hey add up really quickly. Like everything, you just have to get really good at knowing w ... more
Aug 26 2007 8:10pm
Kids' coughs and colds Most coughs and colds in babies, toddlers and children aren't serious. And they will usually get better in a few days. But there are ways to help your ...
Aug 22 2008 6:28pm
... Joy Vitalis. It is super fun and will teach your child about viral infection and contagio ... more
Oct 11 2009 9:54am
Plan a pick your own trip for walking Are you doing some planning for trips, etc. for the upcoming year? Pick your own fruit farms offer a wonderful opportunity for walking in the fresh air, carrying some weight to strengthen your muscl ...
Dec 30 2007 7:56pm
Preventing Road-Trip Pigout Long weekends away from it all eventually give way to indulgences like the bottomless bag of potato chips or rest stops close to McDonalds or other greasy food joints that tend to populate the great o ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Choir trip I'm going on a trip to Bulgaria with my college choir (and a certain tenor) and I don't care HOW nerdy that just sounded. I weigh about 175-180 pounds right now. I carry my weight well so nobody wou ...
Oct 24 2007 9:07pm
... actics were a little different. I'm sure you can do it, and continue to keep us updated! more
Nov 10 2007 6:40am
Top 5 Ways to Eat Healthy on a Road Trip 1. Pack a cooler. If you are heading off on a roadtrip that will last more than a few days, start it right by bringing a huge cooler stocked with food. Pack lean meats, lettuce, whole grain bread and ...
Jun 29 2007 10:08am
Mountain Bike Trip to Thailand Join the owners of Total Body Fitness, Bill Driskill and Mark Shaw on an Epic Mt Bike Vacation to Thailand to climb the second highest mountain in the country on mt bikes! Plus other fantastic rides t ...
Mar 04 2007 7:37am
Ski/Snowboard trip January 11th A group of friends and I will be heading to Boreal next weekend (January 11th and 12th). This crazy storm is going to bring wonderful snow! We will be staying at Boreal's lodge. They offer a lif ...
Jan 04 2008 12:15pm
I'll be driving :) more
Jan 04 2008 12:36pm
Bishop's Weed The colloquial name for Bishop’s weed is ajwain or ova and its botanical name is trachyspermum ammi. Bishop’s weed is a small and erect shrub and has soft, fine feathery leaves. The seeds of the her ...
Mar 17 2008 2:24am
... s. It's amazing all the things Mother Nature can provide for us, so that we don't have to ... more
Mar 17 2008 9:19pm
What's your best chest & triceps exercise? Mine is incline chest press with dumbbells and dipping. But I also do bench press or butterfly, pullover, overhead triceps extentsion and triceps kickbacks.
Dec 18 2008 11:10pm
Personally i do love pushups, dumbell chest flyes on the medicine ball, dumbell pul ... more
Mar 24 2009 1:33am