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The perils of organic peanut butter i don't pretend to know a lot about a lot, but I do think I know just enough about enough, and that includes knowing to always choose organic if the food is grown in the ground, like carrots, potatoes ...
Jun 26 2007 10:06pm
What do you do to gain weight??? what things do you eat,drink are there special recipies you use tell us ur secret!!!  
Sep 03 2009 9:59pm
I add dried fruit and peanut butter to my oatmeal in the morning, avocado ... more
Mar 12 2010 2:13pm
De-coding the Glycemic Index We’ve heard that eating foods low on the Glycemic Index helps keep blood sugar stable and our diet healthy. But what does that mean, really? Low GI foods are slowly digested, releasing sugar (glucos ...
Aug 04 2007 8:25pm
Food processor? How many of you guys own a food processor? Does it really make food prep easier? I've been cooking up a storm lately, and I am starting to get a twinkle in my eyes at some kitchen appliances! ...
Jun 18 2010 5:44am
... s or onions/shallots into things like herbed butter or chevre filling for lasagne. more
Aug 02 2012 12:02pm
Lush massage bars If you are like my husband, sometimes you avoid having massages just because you don’t like oil on your skin. Sure, you can try powder, but it doesn’t really have the same “slip”. Lush ( ...
Aug 30 2007 11:35am
...especially their Buffy the Backside Slayer massage bar, which is super creamy and exfol ... more
Oct 10 2007 3:48pm
Trainers to the stars' diet tips So, in In Style magazine, they give the diet tips of the trainers to the stars. America Ferrera’s trainer recommends a TBS of nut butter before parties to avoid binging on the breadbasket. Jennifer ...
Nov 15 2007 10:43pm
More Reasons Why Raw & Whole Grain Foods Are Healthier For You. Raw Food  & Whole Foods are the fundamental foundations of basic human nutrition.   Think about it, since the beginning of time and especially since the beginning of recorded human history these w ...
TC Patient Expert
Jun 04 2009 8:22pm
Nutrition for Joint Health As with myriad other health issues, there’s a very real connection between food and joint health. Just as proper nutrition can keep your heart healthy and cholesterol levels low, certain foods can e ...
Sep 14 2007 5:01pm
You have highlighted some fantastic foods that are great for joint health. There are also ... more
Dec 03 2007 4:33am
Mediterranean Diet I happened to be at my semi annual check up when I noticed the literature being given out on Mediterranean Diet and after reading the brochure, I thought it was well worth sharing with Wellsphere ...
Jan 15 2008 10:22pm
I've been looking to try a new diet and I heard that the Mediterranean Diet is much health ... more
Jan 06 2009 2:30pm
Carb/Protein Snacks For Before or After Workouts Snacks are an important part of a sports nutrition plan, whether you use them to stock up on energy, fuel your performance, aid recovery, or supplement your calorie intake. Carb/protein snacks work we ...
Aug 31 2007 10:18am