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Get free ski & snowboard gear from Sessions! This is a pretty cool promo Sessions Snowboards is having where you can win free snowboard gear: Sessions is giving away free boards, clothing ...
Apr 24 2009 11:29am
Get free snowboard gear from Ride! Since sbowboarding can be expensive getting free gear is always nice. This is a pretty good promo Ride Snowboards is having where you can win free snowboard gear: ...
Mar 19 2010 10:26am
Do not set your mind on the financial system recovering in the near future. Those who ar ... more
Dec 01 2010 5:36am
Skiing vs. Snowboarding soo, i've been skiing for a while now... (about 5 years).. and i used to snowboard a bit (befor i started skiing) but recently, everytime i went up to tahoe with my friends, they have all been snowbo ...
Jun 05 2007 1:23pm
I totally agree with ThomasJaocob.  They are two different activities.  They both have eas ... more
Sep 28 2009 10:05am
Snowboarding is the Way to Go! Snowboarding in Tahoe during the winter is hard to beat. Just a short drive from the Bay Area, Lake Tahoe offers a wide variety of ski resorts with runs for all skill levels. You can usually get a ...
Oct 19 2007 3:44pm
Tahoe use to be my favorite spot, but now it's Dodge Ridge out in Pinecrest. It's a short ... more
Dec 03 2007 2:49pm
Snowboarding year-round Skiing and snowboarding year-round is made possible in Japan, UK, Australia, and Dubai, the largest indoor snow park. You can rent or purchase snow gear - they even offer lessons! I didn't think so ...
Jul 30 2007 2:07pm
Longboards and snowboarding I have a Loaded Vanguard Bamboo longboard that I adore and a Sector 9 (I think) that I don't ride too much. As far as snowboarding, I want to get up to Dodge Ridge more than a few times this year... ...
Nov 07 2007 4:24pm
Helmets important for skiers and snowboarders An article on reports that stunts on the snowy slopes has had head and spine injuries on the rise, and these types of injuries have the potential to be very traumatic. Two keys to avoiding t ...
Dec 31 2007 1:39pm
Ski/Snowboard trip January 11th A group of friends and I will be heading to Boreal next weekend (January 11th and 12th). This crazy storm is going to bring wonderful snow! We will be staying at Boreal's lodge. They offer a lif ...
Jan 04 2008 12:15pm
I'll be driving :) more
Jan 04 2008 12:36pm
Snow and Global Warming I think it's truly sad that ski seasons are being cut short due to global warming. Here in California it seems the window to get out to the slopes is getting smaller and smaller. I am not an avi ...
Nov 25 2007 7:55pm
I love winters - it is my favorite season after spring. But it seems that everywhere, win ... more
Dec 02 2007 3:42am
Fit for the slopes This article on offers ideas on how skiers and snowboarders can stay safe and comfortable on the slopes this winter. Among them: 1. Warm up your muscles with a few easy runs down the mo ...
Jan 03 2008 6:52pm
I'm a bit dissapointed at that article. They left the most important point for last. ... more
Oct 14 2008 12:26pm