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Yummy Bug Juice My sister "invented" a delicious drink recipe called Bug Juice (some inside joke with her young daughter). Anyway, you mix 2 qts. of Strawberry-Kiwi Crystal Light and 2 qts. of Peach Tea Crystal Li ...
Aug 25 2007 7:46pm
Bug Itch Cream--A Home Recipe Love the outdoors but hate the pests? Forget expensive drugstore alternatives for combatting itchiness and body rashes. Instead, simply fill a small jar with comfrey leaves, a dark green botanical t ...
Jul 23 2007 12:40pm
Healthy Yogurt & Probiotics Alright Probiotics are now all rage on TV.  You see them especially in yogurts.  Probiotics are the good bugs; Lactobacillis acidophilus (works in small intestine) & Bifidobacterium bifidus (works i ...
Jan 06 2009 10:05am
Start a Revolution I found a cool new site for health information, including medical advice from people at the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic, Harvard Health Publications, and other resources. If you’ve got a bug, ...
Sep 14 2007 5:04pm
Eating while injured Having a regular running routine is great. One feels energized, weight is at an appropriate level, and one has a little more latitude when it comes to diet. However, when one is injured (as I am cur ...
Feb 06 2007 8:17am
Fears for Spears I saw this group tonight and decided to comment on something that's really started to bug me. Everywhere you turn you hear about Britney Spears. Sure, there's times when I hear things about her and ho ...
Nov 19 2007 7:20pm
Britney's emotional health is definitely questionable. I had PPD after giving birth and ha ... more
Nov 29 2007 2:15pm
Stretch it out! I was thinking about the benefits of gardening today (good exercise, fresh air, fresh food) and I began to wonder what the drawbacks are. I'm sure there are few but some (bugs) came to mind, with one ...
Jan 09 2008 1:47pm
I could not agree more.  The other things one could do are watch your body biomechanics ... more
Jan 06 2010 2:07pm
Lavender and peppermint as an insect repellents Not only is the smell of lavender great to help you relax and destress, but it call also help you prevent the stress of being bother by bugs. Consider planting lavender around the areas outdoors you ...
May 26 2008 5:04pm
This is great news! I love lavender and I seem to be a mosquito magnet, so I'll defiantly ... more
May 27 2008 2:57pm
Average price per acupuncture session A year ago, I went to an acupuncturist back in my hometown for the first time for lower back pain. It worked wonders; the pain has not returned since then. I've been wanting to see an acupuncturist ...
Feb 20 2008 3:43pm
yoo sweetie i live in Dubai problem i have is my left hip have pain some doctors say its ... more
Nov 06 2010 2:12am
Garden Events in New York For all of you gardening buffs (and those just catching the bug), there are many events you can attend in New York that will provide you with lots of information and probably a good time filled with ...
Mar 13 2008 12:04pm