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Snack Hearty! A couple of months ago I share on Wellsphere that I enjoyed Trader Joe’s peanut butter-filled pretzels. I eat them almost every day around 5:00, about an hour or so before dinner. I just have a smal ...
Sep 14 2007 4:03pm
Yummy, healthy dip I made this as an appetizer at Christmas, and it was so tasty and so easy. I found it in a vegetarian cook book. Carrot, Raisin, and Chopped Peanut Spread 1 cup grated carrots 1/2 cup ra ...
Dec 26 2007 11:21am
Extra-Virgin Olive Oil for Your Health Face it - most cooking oils are loaded with fat and stuff that, if you knew what it meant beneath all the fancy words, would probably turn you off the substance for good. If you're looking for a goo ...
Aug 08 2007 9:56am
The ?Mediterranean? diet has long been known to be a one of the healthiest, and that inclu ... more
Nov 01 2007 6:09pm
Healthier snack ideas I've been working on eating healthier snacks. Here are some ideas people have give me... * fresh fruit * dried fruit * frozen fruit * fruit drink made with frozen fruit * fruit ...
Jun 02 2007 12:44am
A Meal For the Colts Fans, plus its easy! Chili and Pork Tenderloin Indianapolis! Go Colts! To celebrate the Colts going to the bowl, lets make some chili! Plus, its healthy, if you choose to modify: This recipe comes from All Recipes online, you can check the website ...
Feb 01 2007 11:59am
Bread alternatives What do you eat as a bread alternative? I have been eating the Trader Joe's bread made from sprouted wheat flour. Is that better than whole wheat flour?
Jul 15 2008 10:22am
If you've gotta have your bread... Sometimes on these low carb diets, you just go crazy for the texture and satiety of bread. But after all the hard work you’ve undergone, don’t blow it with a big sandwich! May I suggest to you an ol ...
Sep 30 2007 11:25am
... ds which digest into sugar. Sprouted grain breads are more for my liking. But, I am s ... more
Oct 04 2007 7:30am
Great Pairs! I read a great article in Runner's World about healthy food pairs. Cereal + Strawberries = Higher iron absorption Even if your bowl of iron-rich breakfast cereal contains 50 percent of your daily i ...
Jul 16 2007 6:10pm
The great outdoors With the sun in the sky and long summer evenings on the way, it's the perfect opportunity to enjoy some time outside. Barbecues, pic ...
Aug 22 2008 6:28pm
Yogurt dip This is something that I really like to make whenever a dip is required. It really tastes good and gives you fewer calories as compared to a regular dip. Here is how you can make this. Get ...
Aug 20 2007 11:17pm