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i posted a comment about it but i am having problems with my med i've been taking melatonion and i took it tonight and i didn't falla sleep. now my body and head are hurting and i feel like i will not be able to go to sleep. what should i do? and is it because of m ...
Apr 23 2010 3:58am
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Oct 23 2012 6:46am
Excess Vitamins May Cause Prostrate Cancer The Journal of the National Cancer Institute published a study recently saying that men who take vitamins in excess are more likely to develop the most risky types of prostrate cancer. Men who have a ...
Jun 24 2007 11:32pm
Does the study say what kind of vitamins, Swati? I'm curious because my dad has had prosta ... more
Jul 07 2007 8:42pm
suboxone weaning sucks I cant even begin to describe how glad I am to have found this site..hoping to find a few friends who have been there done that. I'm down to a half a mg of suboxone. today makes day4 and I cant beli ...
Mar 15 2013 6:32am
Seniors and Bankruptcy I'm sorry - but in the USA when an 80-year old has no option but to file bankruptcy - I get royally pissed! This 80-year-old woman was still working to supplement her social security income but she ...
Aug 30 2008 1:39pm
A lot of American seniors are becoming broke because of the skyrocketing costs of health s ... more
Mar 22 2012 10:14am
Fat Free Vegetarian Meal I made this meal last night and found it to be very flavorful, and healthy. I served it over white rice. It's a version of a recipe found in Moosewood Cookbook. TAMARIND CHICK PEAS Ingre ...
Oct 26 2007 8:42am
Yeah, I am also fond of beans,in general. It seems like a good recipe. Thanks for sharin ... more
Nov 04 2007 9:06pm
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Oct 24 2012 5:41am
i totally agree with what’s been written here. thank you for providing and sharing the pos ... more
Oct 24 2012 5:42am
Friskrivning från BP anläggningar Barcelona & Madrid Spanien-skyrock   Vänligt samråda med din finansiella rådgivare eller lager mäklare att kontrollera riktigheten och recency all ...
Oct 24 2012 8:23am
Anti-depressants, Side-Effects, and Alternatives Side effects associated with synthetic antidepressants range from aggravating ones, such as constipation and cotton mouth, to more serious problems such as impotence, irregular heart rhythm, and extr ...
Aug 27 2007 5:39am
Thanks for sharing, more
Sep 11 2009 2:58am
Text of NYTimes article Here is the text of the August 9, 2007 NY Times article on Hood to coast: By YISHANE LEE Published: August 9, 2007 WHEN Tara Ruotolo recruited far-flung pals and friends of frie ...
Aug 09 2007 1:25pm
Getting to the Core Medicine ball work out is probably the most effective torso training you can find at a gym. A well-equiped gym must have a supply of different size medicine balls for your choice of work out. These ...
Sep 21 2007 9:33am
My friend used the ball during labor and had amazing results. It really made her feel lib ... more
Feb 12 2008 12:03pm