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Do you believe this? It is about magnetic rings, you wear them while sleepeng on your fingers. Guy that created this Alex Chiu is really weard (he claims that he invented immortality), but it seems that his stuff works. ...
Dec 05 2008 2:26am
... ig difference when I am not wearing them. My body aches more and I don't sleep as well wit ... more
Apr 10 2009 9:50pm
Basic Swim Drills All of these basic drills allow you to exaggerate freestyle movements and focus on muscle control throughout the phases of your stroke. Balance - Spend some time feeling your body's position on the w ...
Jan 26 2007 7:11pm
Environmental risks of the shale gas industry need constant monitoring   crown capital eco management environmental risks gas boilers   SIR – Peter Foster argues that in Britai ...
Mar 13 2013 3:40am
It is truly said that shale gas need constant monitoring as it is the major factor for t ... more
Jan 11 2014 6:58pm
Open Water Techniques Open Water Techniques and Tips By Greg Chatham for Front of the Pack Triathlon Store Warm water – Always wear what you’ll race in. If you’re looking to place you can always wear a fastskin type sho ...
Jan 28 2007 2:06pm
Greg, thanks for the tip and swim advice at the store earlier today. Good thing I didn't ... more
Sep 19 2007 9:46pm
Be Safe - Be Natural Okay, this is going to be a somewhat gross entry but it has to be said. Pop culture has made it acceptable for people to use laxatives to lose weight and this is not okay. My chin dropped to the floor ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Sculpt Firm and Shapely Legs in 6 Moves Looking great in short shorts and flirty skirts can be your reality, because just a stability ball, weights and a step can give you great legs. In about twenty minutes you can be on your way to hav ...
Aug 11 2008 9:06am
You should include running. Running is one of the best more
Nov 30 2011 6:37am
Attitude is Everything Why is it that last spring when I weighed this very same amount I though I was rockin? and this year I feel fat and yucky? Simple - last year at this time I had just lost about 5 pounds and was feeli ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
If you're healthy and in good shape be happy with yourself. Chances are you'll never look ... more
Nov 10 2007 3:42pm
Running For the Finish Line So, supposedly, if you can run 30 minutes without stopping you should be able to train for a marathon. This is what I had read, so I talked to a friend of mine who had run in a couple marathons. She w ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... , they don't even come close to getting your body used to the stress of the marathon dista ... more
Dec 09 2008 7:27pm
The different push-up techniques By placing your hands in different areas and tweaking your technique while doing push-ups, you can vary and target different muscles. First of all, with doing any type of push-up, besides stability w ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
is there a specific type/technique  push up that targets the latissimus dorsi?   more
Jan 03 2010 7:34am
Exploring the Root Chakra We are so busy being stressed and cooped up in ourselves and our lives, that we sometimes forget the importance of simply breathing, and not just out of our mouths but using the root of our bodies. ...
Aug 15 2008 11:54am
... really knowing a feeling of security in your body that isn't just theoretical but extremel ... more
Aug 18 2008 11:32am