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Bleeding issues and Quikclot I have read a couple of blogs regarding excess bleeding associated with Coumadin use, including nose bleeds. I have used a product that has helped tremendously when I've cut or scratched myself. It is ...
Apr 08 2009 8:35pm
... r my mother-in-law!  It really does stop the bleeding quickly.  She's pleased about that. more
Apr 18 2009 9:57am
Menopause and heavy bleeding  Heavy bleeding is thought to be caused by lower levels of progesterone compared to estrogen.See our 100% positive, 499 eBay feedbacks. Watch our award-winning Australian TV news video at www.TrueTexa ...
Jun 23 2009 8:23am
Help with bleeding after sex Please help  I am a 55 yr old female have not been sexually active for almost 2 years and yester I had sex and it was sooo sore i actually bled what is the problem and what can I do to make it ...
Dec 01 2008 1:27am
... ginal wall, due to the same reason can cause bleeding. Water based lubricants such as sex ... more
Dec 20 2008 3:01am
The Stuff We're Made Of: Vitamin C Vitamin C: Needed for collagen formation, healthy teeth and gums, strong bones, normal vision, detoxification of pathogens, allergy prevention, fatigue prevention. Deficiency symptoms include bleedin ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Introducing my self!! Hi everyone:   I just joined the site and look forward to giving (and getting!!!) motivation from other moms!!  I am a mom of 2 kids by c-section and I am proud to say that I have been able to ...
Sep 15 2010 3:24pm
Hello, This is Cat Smiley. I am personal fitness trainer & c ... more
Jan 22 2013 10:30am
Be wary of quick answers... As a an MD who has shifted to being a full time medical advocate and advisor, one of my standard recommendations is for clients to be wary of quick, online medical advice.  Often the "advice" is ...
Apr 02 2012 6:23pm
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Jan 09 2013 7:49pm
Yes! Lost 22 pounds I had really piled on the weight after my second pregnancy. Because it was a caesarian (c-section), I could not start exercising immediately. But I am very happy to say that as my baby completes on ...
Jun 21 2007 5:27am
... unds to shed and it's great to know that you can really lose the weight from walking. Som ... more
Aug 21 2007 4:58pm
I lost 50 lbs after my fifth baby QUICK. I am so proud that I can say this. The last two babies were 18 months apart and they were both c-sections. After hitting 200 lbs I thought I would never, ever lose the weight. However, luickily m ...
Jul 28 2008 2:24pm
Tramadol Hydrochloride 50mg. Proper Use of This Medicine Tramadol is an active medication, one that is known to relieve pain you are feeling. While Tramadol is not going to cure you of your pain, it is going to stop you from feeling the intense pain you hav ...
Sep 02 2008 4:58am
thank you for this advice i never knew i take aleast 250mg daily for ... more
Sep 11 2010 1:42pm