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Physically Active Adults Slow Biological Aging LONDON, Jan. 29 -- If longer leukocyte telomeres are a true measure of biological youth, adults who are physically active in their leisure time may be fighting back against the passage of time. S ...
Feb 04 2008 10:45am
Biofeedback and Its Many Benefits Biofeedback, an alternative-medicine method that involves mind over body techniques, is gaining national attention for its many health benefits, which include mitigating common disorders like migraine ...
Aug 27 2007 4:50pm
...      The positive side of things are that biofeedback does work very well, but the reality ... more
May 11 2009 8:56am
Nike+ iPod system Hi everyone, Just wanted to share here my experience with the nike+ system and explain how it has helped me so far. First, I want to make clear I have no affiliation with Nike or iPod... I'm just ...
Feb 11 2008 10:53pm
I love my nike+ and ipod - the great thing is that you don't need to have the nike shoes ... more
Jun 10 2008 10:36pm
Have you Ever Tried Following a Guided Meditation? As editor of My Meditation Garden, I've been requested by many of our readers to post more information on guided meditations.  I have been meditating for about 9 months now and have seen and felt ...
Sep 09 2009 7:26am
Ever Battled Stress with Guided Meditations? I created My Meditation Garden, as a result of all of the stress that I felt while practicing law and owning my own law firm.  Meditation led me to realize law was not my calling and that I was actu ...
Sep 09 2009 7:29am
... still have difficulties to practice them. Biofeedback is another way to fight stress that ... more
Jun 08 2010 1:45pm
Swimming--Not So Great of a Weight-Loss Activity Think that swimming is the perfect way to lose weight and show off that new bikini? Think again. Fitness experts say that while swimming is a fine activity when it comes to increasing your lung capa ...
Aug 27 2007 3:31pm
... achines - because the trainee gets immediate feedback and "feels good". Swimming, and swi ... more
Apr 30 2008 10:16am
For women: Moderate exercise for 30 minute sheds 150 calories. I read somewhere that if a woman weighing around 150 pounds exercises at moderate speed for half-an-hour, she can lose around 150 calories (at the rate of about 300 calories per hour). I would like ...
Sep 25 2007 4:31am
"Moderate speed" is vague. Determining exact caloric expenditure can be done using semi-s ... more
Oct 18 2007 12:41am
Alas! My Salad Makings Leave for Winter Break Winter arrives in December but I am seeng the changes in my vegetable section at the Sacramento Natural Food Coop. Not as many choices or freshness available. Sure the root vegetables are arriving ...
Oct 16 2007 7:13am
Hi Hi I just recently joined and would like to get back into running for wieght loss and endurance with hopes in maybe running a marathon as the projective goal My question is in order to achie ...
Jan 06 2008 4:40pm
The inner work of yoga The practice of yoga, through poses, gives us the opportunity to examine the ways in which we treat and live in our bodies. Once we've become aware of the condition of our bodies, we are able to exa ...
Jan 18 2008 12:24pm
Thank you for this beautiful piece! You mentioned in your second paragraph that it's muc ... more
Jan 24 2008 12:31pm