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Bear Valley triathlon turns 15 Bear Valley’s 15th annual triathlon will feature a 600-yard swim, a 10.5-mile bike ride and a 3.4-mile run this Labor Day weekend on Sept. 2. You can register on race day for $60, or in advance for $5 ...
Aug 25 2007 5:57am
Wildflower 2008! If you're considering training for a triathlon, I highly recommend Wildflower! It's a whole experience, and it draws literally thousands of amateur triathletes from all over the country for a weeke ...
Feb 25 2008 12:08pm
I have done this race and it is INCREDIBLE! Highly recommend f ... more
May 20 2008 7:33pm
Swimming--Not So Great of a Weight-Loss Activity Think that swimming is the perfect way to lose weight and show off that new bikini? Think again. Fitness experts say that while swimming is a fine activity when it comes to increasing your lung capa ...
Aug 27 2007 3:31pm
... ate someone to use a rowing machine, upright-bike, even weight machines - because the trai ... more
Apr 30 2008 10:16am
Swimming to recover from injury Swimming is a great sport for those who are recovering from an injury. Being in the water makes the body weight seem less than actual, thus making it easier. If you want to try swimming while you ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
If you are not a swimmer and interesting in learning more abou ... more
Oct 25 2008 3:07pm
Preventing injury while swimming. Check out these very basic rules for swimmers -- both beginners and advanced. Very basic, but life saving! Rule No. 1 Never go into the pool alone. You may be an expert swimmer, but in case of a mu ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Swim away your troubles! Remember the opening scene of The Graduate? When Dustin Hoffman was trying to enter his post college life by way of the family pool? Swimming is a great cathartic way to exercise. If you live in a c ...
Aug 26 2007 5:05pm
Swimming classes I find that swimming is such an amazing way to get the whole body working out. I recently did a swimming class at my gym. It was so much harder than I expected, and I was actually sore the next day. ...
Sep 16 2007 1:43pm
... I've never heard of anyone who knows how to swim drowning in a lap pool because they got ... more
Sep 26 2007 3:42pm
3000 Yard Swim Workout 1000 Yard warm up 400 yard swim, 200 pull, 200 kick, 200 swim. You can throw drills into warmup as well 300S (each 100 descend by 25) 6 X 50: Odd Easy, Even Hard 250 Pull 5 X 50: Drill 25, Swim 25 ...
Feb 06 2007 11:18am
Swimming Stamina Are there any particular exercises that will help build swimming stamina? I'
Apr 07 2008 3:52pm
I used to swim a lot, but then I moved to London. Where ... more
Feb 24 2011 12:29pm
Should Women Pace a Triathlon Swim Differently from Men? Here is a triathlon swimming article about the differences in Men Vs Women in triathlon swimming    
Feb 14 2009 3:29pm