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New Report - vitamins A, C and E are a waste of time and may shorten your life. Vitamins taken by around a third of the population do not extend life and may even cause premature death, according to a respected group of international scientists. After reviewing 67 studies in ...
Apr 16 2008 5:46pm
Well this is depressing... who are we supposed to believe? more
Apr 21 2008 8:04am
AntiOxidant Power I snagged a free sample from Super Nutrition called AntiOxidant Power. My body had a positive response to the vitamins. It's a food-based dietary supplement for adults. I took the two tablets ...
Oct 09 2007 6:57am
Check out the liquid multivitamin called Vemma!! more
Mar 28 2008 2:20pm
Antioxidants I hear the term ‘antioxidant’ everywhere; in magazines, newspapers and even beauty product commercials. It seems widely accepted as a good thing for us, yet many of us have absolutely no idea why tha ...
Jan 24 2007 10:58am
You can also choose antioxidants from a whole food supplement source. Supplements made fro ... more
Jul 24 2009 11:59am
Almonds: Carcinogens in a Nutshell Raw and organic almond lovers are appalled by the Department of Agriculture’s decision to pasteurize California almonds sold in the U.S. to retailers and food processors. The Almond Boar ...
Aug 23 2007 5:58pm
Wow, so much poor information in the world being spread on blogs. The most likely source ... more
Jul 20 2009 10:13am
Tea Time If you haven't been living under a rock (or a complete fixation on coffee) you may have heard that tea is one of the best anti-oxidants you can drink. Green tea and black tea both receive high marks i ...
Jun 27 2007 7:46pm
Tea Time! I think it bears repeating - tea is one of the best anti-oxidants on the market. But science is a funny thing. Did you know that if you add milk to your tea, it neutralizes the properties that would h ...
Jul 18 2007 12:54pm
Try Them Mangos! Mangos are called the Kings of fruits in India, which produces like 150 types of mangos. They are pretty tasty and seriously, they have got some heavy-duty plus points. 1. Eating mangos reduces th ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Lower Cholesterol with Avocado Alright, I am on an avocado kick. I can't help it - I'm in California, it's summer, it's too hot to think of eating anything except for foods high in moisture and nutrition. My friendly neighborhood a ...
Jul 12 2007 5:37pm
Great Pairs! I read a great article in Runner's World about healthy food pairs. Cereal + Strawberries = Higher iron absorption Even if your bowl of iron-rich breakfast cereal contains 50 percent of your daily i ...
Jul 16 2007 6:10pm
Say Goodbye to Colds! Macrophages are the white blood cells that lurk deep in our bone marrow, fighting bacteria, viruses and any other deadly infectors that threaten our immune system. Researchers say that macrophages c ...
Jul 27 2007 12:50pm