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Benefits of Eating Chocolates What? Eat chocolates and gain all that weight? And spoil my teeth? If you are one of those people who say a ?No Thank You? to chocolates even though you would love to sink your teeth into one of those ...
Jun 21 2007 5:01am
A recent study be Tulane University researchers found th ... more
Oct 08 2007 3:49pm
Magical Magnesium I read an article about magnesium reducing risk of stroke today, and started reading up on it a bit more. I'm pretty impressed with all the benefits of magensium. Here's what I learned... - Mag ...
Mar 11 2008 2:51pm
The Right Vitamin D Check out your vitamins. If vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol) is listed you may need to switch brands. Research has found that it is much less potent than vitamin D3(cholecalciferol). It's recommended th ...
Jul 17 2007 1:19pm
Getting More Vitamin D in Your Diet Vitamin D, as we know, is important for the health of your bones, and it's even been linked to heart disease and colon cancer prevention. A woman's daily recommended intake of 400 IU can be met easi ...
Jul 30 2007 7:21pm
Bulking up Your Bones with Vitamin D When we think of our bones, we don't normally recognize that they are our very foundation: a living mass of tissue that supports our frames and keeps us healthy and spry. Unfortunately, the loss of ca ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Vitamin D for Long Life Vitamin D is best known for building strong bones, but it may also lead to a longer life, according to recent studies. In a recent analysis of more than 18 studies involving nearly 60,000 people, th ...
Sep 20 2007 4:28pm
Sunshine and Vitamin D -- Be Healthier Here is some healthy information my 7 year old daughter found at Healthnotes. By combining the right food with sunshine exposure you can produce sufficient vitamin D levels in your body. Get ...
Oct 02 2007 8:55pm
That sounds refreshing. more
Jan 08 2009 9:41pm
High calcium, vitamin D intake may have a down side In one of the first studies to examine the relationship between diet and brain lesions, researchers observed that elderly people who reported higher calcium and vitamin D intake were much more likely ...
May 08 2007 11:22am
Vitamin D I've just been reading in Taste for Life that Vitamin D is important for combatting depression. The Seasonal Affectation Disorder that you get is not merely because you aren't seeing light -- it's bec ...
Mar 03 2008 12:06pm
I think spending 10 to 15 minutes daily in Sun shine enou ... more
Nov 12 2008 11:26pm
Vitamin D in low levels may lead to depression among older people According to a recent study in the Archives of General Psychiatry, soaking in plenty of sunshine and drinking lots of milk could help you ward off depression early in your life. Vitamin D (the sunsh ...
Jun 23 2008 12:27pm
I have often wondered if a drop in activity level could have ... more
Aug 30 2008 11:14am