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Supercharge a Boring Gym Session We should have a "refresh" button for everything: a bitter coworker, a lame bar scene, the National Hockey League. Just a click or two could give us instant improvement. Same with tired workouts. May ...
Apr 02 2007 11:11am
Throw away that scale! Most individuals interested in getting fit focus on "losing weight". But, really, it's not the amount of total pounds you weigh that needs to be focused on. It's your body composition (percentage of ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... rying to appreciate the concept of a "Buddha Belly" a bit more. I am in good shape but I d ... more
Aug 31 2007 6:01pm
Oct 12: 26.5 inches waist WooHoo Waist –26.5 in, lost 0.5 in Waist (at belly button) 29 in , lost 0.5 in Still 2.5 in to lose frm the waist but i love my progres! My weight has been going a bit up though. I'm ...
Oct 12 2007 1:19am
Strange Post Gall Bladder Pain This one is mind boggling... I've heard it might be a "ventral hernia"? I haven't found a pattern for the cause of pain... but it so crippling I know during one more attack, I may have to be rush ...
Jul 24 2008 10:49am
If you are a doctor you can send reply to more
Jul 24 2008 10:50am
ive missed oct period now november i had like one time brown spotting when i wiped myself with toilet paper what does this mean? im in no meds nor in birth control. my boyfriend and i have sex without a condom at first but finish off with one. ive been fatigue, sleepy, hungry (more than normally), little pain in lower back, diz ...
Nov 12 2009 7:04pm
From my experience. Brown discharge can be a late period that has taken too long to pass ... more
Nov 26 2010 12:01pm
Swivel and Shimmy - Belly Dance Your Way to Fitness Okay, it's not the same as running six miles, but yes, belly dancing, along with most other forms of dance, can be a very effective part of an overall fitness plan. Belly dancing originated in ancien ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Julie, I couldn't agree more. I took belly dancing for a year, and not only was I ... more
Jun 08 2007 7:58pm
Nightly Belly Dancing and Live Guitar Tapa the World and Kashah Lounge has live belly dancing every night. They serve Spanish and Middle Eastern food as well. They are located in Sacramento at 2115 J Street. 916-442-4353 Tapa ...
Nov 06 2007 7:24am
Flat Belly Diet Subcutaneous fat (under the skin) around the belly has been proven to be a major health risk, particularly to the cardiovascular system. So that pesky spare tire is not just something we wish away so ...
Jan 15 2008 12:40am
... 's a diet that might help me with my big ole belly! more
Jan 15 2008 11:08am
Pot Belly = Bad Indicator of Cardiovascular Health According to experts, it’s not enough to lose weight to prevent heart disease—getting rid of your pot belly is even more crucial. According to researchers at the Coronary Care Unit at the Universi ...
Aug 14 2007 9:32am
I had no idea that ab fat was such an indicator. I never really liked BMI as a tool. I won ... more
Aug 16 2007 4:52pm
Slow Carbs for a Smaller Belly Wanna reduce belly fat? Eat a diet rich with low glycemic meals (in very general terms, this means low sugar and high fiber). Belly bulge is reportedly strongly connected to a number of nasty ails suc ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am