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Beginning A Running Routine - General Discussions

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Building Blocks of Running If you’re new to running, it’s easy to get locked into the same routine day in, day out. But that same six-mile route gets stale after a while, and your body will too, if you don’t mix it up a bit. ...
Oct 05 2007 1:29pm
Top 5 beginning running tips! These are the top 5 most helpful things I heard when I first started running: 1. Wear running shorts (yep, spandex baby!) 2. Invest in non-cotton socks 3. Join a local running cl ...
Jun 25 2007 3:00pm
Interval training to prepare for consistent running/jogging Hesitant to jog or run for long distances? Consider building up to that point by interval training, starting by walking at a quicker than normal pace, then speeding it up to a light jog. Try and spend ...
Oct 05 2007 8:44pm
That's awesome that your body can handle running at intervals-I wish I could (a back i ... more
Nov 06 2007 7:02pm
Find How You're Going to Stick With it Statistically speaking, over 50% of those who begin a workout routine end up stopping it within a year. When it comes to exercise, the main culprit -- along with simply not doing it, is not doing it ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
On the road? Don't skip your workout Early morning meetings and late-night business dinners make it almost impossible for Trisha Curtin to fit in a workout on the road. "It's been a huge challenge to do any type of exercising other than ...
Apr 16 2007 2:50pm
Looking for running routes/mileage for SF and Marin runs. Am training for a half & i want to be somewhat meticulous about it (i.e. when i should be on a 6 mile run, i'd like to know a route before i just take off running. would also ideally like to have som ...
Jun 24 2007 6:32am
Roues & Trails. You can also check out the Routes & Trails on the Places page: http://www. ... more
Oct 02 2007 5:26pm, what runs in yours? This site has a tool that helps track diabetes that runs in the family: This is a good way to help people become more aware of their family risk for diabetes.
Mar 04 2009 11:22pm
Skip your way to good health Skipping rope is one of the most effective and efficient aerobic exercises. Skipping will burn a substantial amount of calories in a relatively short period of time - more than 23 calories per minute ...
Jul 10 2007 9:27am
De-stress at the office Most offices don’t offer on-site massages or time for meditation, but they do offer plenty of stressful situations. As a health- and fitness-conscious person, why not follow the advice of Kristen Gl ...
Sep 10 2007 12:53pm
Top 10 questions asked by beginning runners Found this great article for beginning runners.. Question: How long should my first runs be? Answer: During the first week, 15 minutes is plenty. After that, your goal should be to increase th ...
Jan 10 2008 5:40pm
... uestion: any good resources for finding that running partner? more
Mar 01 2010 1:24pm