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Kids' Meals aren't always so great for kids I found this interesting article on about Kids' Meals at fast food and even sit-down restaurants across the US. I never really thought that labeling a meal a "Kids' Meal" would be any more h ...
Aug 04 2008 3:06pm
Yoga For Kids-Tried it out! Yesterday, we decided to see if our son likes yoga. We all got down on the floor and did a yoga for kids video together. Not only did he have fun interacting with us but pretending to be a for allig ...
Dec 27 2007 8:23am
Headstand for kids? Yikes! I am going to be learning a litt ... more
Dec 28 2007 9:59pm
Kids Who Sleep Less Weigh More Children who get less than nine hours of sleep a night are more likely to be overweight or obese, according to researchers at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Sleep-deprived kids also h ...
Jan 04 2008 9:31am
... o sleep that many hours. I know if I have a short or sleepless night I tend to eat more a ... more
Jan 08 2008 12:34pm
Exercising with kids I would love to know a way to fit in a short workout that still gets results. I have 2 very small children and only have about 30 minutes a day to workout so I really need something that works and tha ...
Jul 20 2007 3:01pm
Work out and Kids. 30 minute work out when the kids are na ... more
Jul 24 2007 9:48am
Tip for those who want to bike, but are busy with the kid(s) About 20 months ago I bought a nice mountain bike with all the trimmings, and then 2 days later found out I was pregnant. It's not like you can't bike when you're pregnant (although you may want to ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
Don't Kid Your-SELF This morning I cracked open the January 2008 issue of Self Magazine, hoping for – oh I don’t know – inspiration? There on page 104 was a lovely 14-year-old girl doing a series of exercises that ...
Jan 11 2008 9:14am
What? You mean I'm not going to look 25 again if I buy that cream? Dang! more
Mar 25 2008 6:36pm
Teaching and Motivating Kids to Exercise for Life Motivating Kids to Exercise……FOR LIFE!!! Given a choice, do you think your child would rather ride a bike or sit in front of the television? Would he or she prefer to shoot some hoops in the driveway ...
Mar 21 2007 12:44pm
Cooking with kids Teaching 11-14 year olds how to cook healthy recipes in school should have a positive impact on their eating habits in later life Acti ...
Aug 22 2008 6:28pm
It's About Kids Kids are more active during school sport activities than when they sit in a classroom learning phonetics. But, still they need to keep a balance diet and here is a suggestion or two or three. If ...
Aug 28 2007 7:30am
Do Yoga with Your Kids There's no better way to fit your yoga into the day than by letting your kids join in. Be patient - kids may not catch on right away or enjoy the practice. Every little bit helps. Even if they only ...
Jun 13 2007 12:05pm
I think any exercise you do with your kids is good. It sets a good example and the ... more
Nov 30 2007 3:34pm