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Basics about Acupuncture Acupuncture is used as an alternative therapy to relieve different types of pain. HOW IS IT DONE? Needles are inserted for a couple of seconds and then are left in place for about twenty minute ...
Jun 04 2007 2:16am
... le-use gloves during the procedure, etc. All needles should be sterilized thoroughly and c ... more
Feb 21 2008 7:12pm
What to Expect From Your First Acupuncture Session The first time I went to see an acupuncturist, I was actually quite scared. There you are, on the table, suddenly realizing that you have paid this person to stick needles into you! Will it hurt? Is t ...
Jun 29 2007 11:49am
More and more insurance companies are including coverage for acupuncture. If you can't c ... more
Nov 18 2008 12:58pm
Acupuncture, Traditional or Not, Helps Lower Back Pain According to a recent German study, acupuncture is more effective than conventional treatments to eradicate lower back pain...however, it's no more effective than a "sham needle" treatment. The stud ...
Sep 26 2007 12:30pm
I have been a practicing acupuncturist for 6 1/2 years and have had countless great experi ... more
Apr 05 2008 5:38pm
Make Sure You Use the Bathroom First... Here's a helpful acupuncture tip - go to the bathroom and clear your bladder immediately before your session. Once I made the mistake of not doing so and I had to go really, really badly, while I wa ...
Feb 29 2008 9:19pm
Nirmala, that same thing happened to me. 30 mins into my hour long massage i had to go rea ... more
Sep 04 2008 9:49am
I lost 15 pounds My friend recommend the product called ObeBuster ( ) I didn't believe it until I tried it. I was always curious about acupuncture to lose weight but a bit apprehensive about t ...
Apr 24 2009 7:52am
I am glad to hear the Obebuster worked for you sallynoonan! Congrats! I ordrered it today ... more
Mar 19 2010 11:32am
Losing the last few pounds I have been walking regularly to shed weight. Now that I have reached very close to where I want to be, it’s like my body refuses to help me out now. So na matter how much I tried, I just would ...
Sep 08 2007 7:17pm
A quick tip to get over a Plateau When we start losing weight, normally we run into a plateau where it seems almost impossible to lose more weight. It is like the needle of the weighing scale is stuck at that one point. Here ...
Sep 25 2007 4:33am
Think Portion Control Super-sized fries. 16-oz Starbucks lattes. 64-oz Double Gulps. It's no coincidence that just as Americans are growing larger so is the size of their meals and snacks. When nutritionist and NYU facult ...
Mar 13 2007 12:03pm
Sign Me Up For Facial Yoga! Yoga has been around for a long time and sometimes it seems there are as many different styles as there are teachers. Now we have a new one - facial yoga! Practitioners contort their facial muscle ...
Nov 19 2007 5:47am
I have, however, experienced a teacher saying "smile!" during yoga practice. It always mak ... more
Dec 05 2007 12:46pm
Exercise for good health, not just weight loss. I have been on a diet cum exercise routine to lose pregnancy weight. It has been successful, but it’s increasingly difficult to shed each pound. Since the past couple of weeks, the needle o ...
Jul 23 2007 3:40am